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    SoCal Timing Belt help

    Hey everybody, Does anyone have any advice on where I should get my timing belt service done? I refuse to fork over a grand to the dealer, and I was hoping I could get some help on here. I have looked up the DIY and it is far too out of my own ability for me to do it. I also did a search on...
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    FS Ballast 105 Shipped

    As the title says, I am selling the Xenon ballast for the GTI. I have two, both of which are 105 Shipped or 195 for both. They both work, I have tested both on my car and they are flawless.
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    Death Wish Honda?

    Is it me or do the local honda boys out here in So Cal all have death wishes? In the past two days I have had a Civic Si try and race me through traffic during rush hour, and then tonight I had an Integra with the red Honda badge for extra downforce, try and get me to run him up these backroads...
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    Coil over install

    I live in Valencia CA and I am going to be getting coil overs pretty soon. Where is the best place with a great price and service to get them installed at?
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    Headlamp, Ballast, & Premium 7 FS

    Hello everyone, Today I have for sale a Driver side Xenon Headlamp, with a Broken tab. I broke the tab trying to get the damn headlights back in place and pushed on it a bit to hard, easily repairable with the ECS kit. I bought a new fixture so, so I do not need this one anymore. 250 OBO +...
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    Best Indie shop in Northern Los Angeles

    As the title says. What is the best Indie shop in Northern Los Angeles? I need to get some headlight electrical work done and I really dont want to get bent over. The dealer is a no go because I am out of warranty. I currently usually take it to a shop near me called German Hi-Tech but I...
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    Another VAG Code Help Thread

    Yup, another one. So here is my situation. Back in the summer my Driver side head light goes out. I think okay, but be my bulb. I replace them with some Philips 6Ks and they work fine with no hick ups for 3 months. Then it goes out again. I think no way these bulbs went out that quick, do a...
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    WTB Ballast

    As the title says, I need a new ballast as my driver side one is on its last legs and it wont be long now until its completely kaput. Thank you.
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    Drive side Xenon wire

    My driver side xenon wire seems to be done and is no longer sending a charge to the bulb. I know its the wire because i took the drive side bulb and then put it into the passenger side ignitor, then moved the driver side ignitor itself over there and it worked as well. Does anyone know what...
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    Free Stuff Thread

    This thread is to post free stuff you find, such as the porsche track piece thread below this one. Let's try and keep this organized and up to date. I am on the hunt right now for another year subscription to motor trend and maxim. I haven't paid for those two magazines in about three years...
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    Vote Basil Marceaux

    Holy shit I haven't laughed this hard in years. His Campaign website His Campaign video If you haven't seen it check out Stephen Colbert's piece on him from last night, fucking epic win!