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    Recent Purchases Thread

    Bought these on ebay from an audi dealer brand new in the boxes, never mounted bbs calito 18x8 et48 for £600
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    Rabbit to Gti Front conversion DIY (w/ pics)

    heres the finished product of my conversion with badge-less GT grills. about the foam i just took it out completely C&C Welcome
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    badgeless gt grill

    Just got by car back earlier this week after fitting GTI headlights and skirts along with a badgeless GT grill and hood notch thought id share a few pics C&C welcome
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    19" BBS LM help

    im looking at buying 19" BBS LM reps the specs are F 19 x 8.5 Et 45 R 19 x 9.5 Et 45. The wheels come with 235/35/19 but im lowered on FK Coilovers, but what tyres would be better suited for me? Im not sure how much its lowered by as iv never measured it but heres a pic for reference. i do plan...
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    possible engine swap

    Has anybody heard or seen anything about having a 2.8 vr6 engine swap into a mkv. If not does anybody think its possible cheers :thumbsup:
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    Green BBS

    only pic i have with me and its around a year old, its a 1979 1.3 small rear light MKI
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    Green BBS

    only crappy phone pics i have wheels are BBS CO 18x8 et 42 ,powder coated kawasaki green and lowered on Fk Coilovers (will be going lower) will also be more green accents comments and ideas welcome :thumbsup:
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    Post your SIDE SHOTS...

    Audi something wheels 18" x 8 et 42 i think, lowered on fks BBS CO 18" x 8 et 44
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    Recent Purchases Thread

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    what tyres are you running?

    Yokohama PARADA SPEC 2
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    tv shows

    just wondering what tv shows / series people watch and maybe could reccomend other shows. i watch, lost, heroes, desperate housewives, chuck. prison break, the unit, big bang theory, flashpoint, ugly betty, the apprentice and of course top gear any reccomendations? :thumbsup:
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    If my car were your car....

    if my car was yours what would you do to it so far it has 18" bbs co painted satin black fk coilovers R32 rear lights blackened rear VW badge what i was thinking about getting was.. satin black roof maybe tinted windows repaint rear vw to blue and white?? GTI side skirts Lower it a little...
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    how do women do it?!?!?!

    how do women have the power to make u feel :mad0259: :frown: :cry: :wub: :barf: all at the same time, sometimes i wish i was that complicated and could mess with peoples minds as well as they do.
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    mkv steelies

    sadly the only two pics i have of it as its been in te body shop for around a month getting the damage in the 1st pic fixed.
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    Slammed MKV Thread

    its getting lowered more when i get it back from the body shop :wink:
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    BBS CO's

    heres mine painted satin black :wub: have more pics if wanted :thumbsup:
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    Golf MKV Cribs

    heres my house in england and heres the house in Portugal yes i live with my parents :biggrin:
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    second crash in a month =(

    had another crash yesterday morning as i was returning home from the shop. As i was slowing down for my gates at home, my neighbours friend was reversing round a blind corner as i was slowing down, and hit my drivers wing / wheel ( see pics below ). A couple weeks before this happened another...
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    I hate people!

    Got home from work to find that two of my dust caps on my bbs wheels (bbs dust caps) were taken. :mad: You cant have anything nice these days without somebody ruining it. i hate people rant//
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    GTI / Rabbit / Golf Aftermarket Wheels Photo Thread

    18" BBS CO satin black lowered on fk coilovers