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  1. JDraft

    Free polarized sunglasses! (Only pay S&H)

    Jump on it before it is too late. They don't have too many unique styles, but hey, free is free, right?:thumbsup:
  2. JDraft

    New Burnout Fail

    Awesome. Just Awesome. ErcGtCRpwKM
  3. JDraft

    Dumbasses + Cash for clunkers = FAIL

    Words. They fail me.
  4. JDraft

    $10 Samsung 52" TV from Best Buy

    Jump on this! Probably won't be up for long, though. :bellyroll:
  5. JDraft

    There's an app for that

    This is the funniest website that I've been to in a good while. Click the refresh symbol under the bubble to bring up the next one. There is some really clever stuff on there, and you can add your own! Examples: If you have ten minutes to bolt a Romulan cloaking device to...
  6. JDraft

    Weird sounds after DP install

    I got a GHL DP installed this weekend at a local exhaust shop, and now every time I cold start the car, there is a metallic scraping type of noise for a split second. When I apply the throttle, it will make the same noise, and when I let off of the throttle it will make the noise again. So as...
  7. JDraft

    VW L1 Concept car...250+mpg, but not a hybrid

    Anyone see this thing yet? I doubt it will ever make it stateside. 250+ mpg though, is insane.
  8. JDraft

    Turbo to DP gasket

    Is 1K0253115AB the new part number for the gasket between the turbo and the downpipe? I want to order one for when I get my DP installed this weekend and I want to make sure I'm ordering the right part.
  9. JDraft

    WTB: Forge FtB Short Shifter

    If anyone is selling a Forge front-to-back short shift kit, reply with a price or PM me. Thanks:thumbup:
  10. JDraft

    World Car of the Year

    Old, but still good. :thumbsup:
  11. JDraft

    Spotted some oil in the engine bay...

    So lately I have been noticing some oil buildup around my noise pipe delete. Long story short, a few weeks ago I had a hardware store test plug blow out of the TB pipe where I had it plugged, and there was oil on the underside of my hood. Raven plug is now installed, and is not the problem...
  12. JDraft

    Hidden safety feature or just a fluke?

    So I picked up my roommate today on the other side of our apartment complex since I was on my way back from work. I was taking him back to our apartment so that he could pick up his Jeep to go somewhere, and he didn't have his seatbelt on. His Jeep was parked about 150 yards up the deserted...
  13. JDraft

    Conficker worm to go live on April 1st.

    Mods, please leave this here, as more people will see it. Just a heads up to everyone that may not have heard about sounds like a pretty nasty worm.
  14. JDraft

    My first CEL!

    Finally :smile:. I have been waiting for this day since I picked up my GTI last August. Little bit of a backstory: For the past week or so, every time I start my car I get a message on the MFD telling me to "Service in XXX miles or XXX days". Last weekend, a buddy was driving my car and blew...
  15. JDraft

    A warning to anyone with a noise pipe delete and no hood insulation

    Make sure it is secure. Often. I let a buddy drive my car today with me in it, and the test plug blew out of the pipe and into the underside of the hood. We heard a loud bang, and then my buddy saw something come out the back of my car while he was driving, but didn't think anything of it...
  16. JDraft

    16 year old kid beats a female bus driver

    tFsSJHLiUUQ Wow.
  17. JDraft

    I need to learn how to do this.

    cmie7K1TOb8 :eyebulge:
  18. JDraft

    Magusownz vs. the Ion Redline forums

    After an Ion Redline blew by me the other day while I was playing high score MPG's, I decided to check out the Redline forums to see what kind of power those guys put down with mods, and came across these gems...
  19. JDraft

    Anyone ever try shifting without the clutch? (6MT content)

    I was rolling up to a stop sign yesterday in 3rd gear at about 20-25 mph. As the RPMs dipped down to about 1500 or so, I depressed the clutch, shifted into neutral, and released the clutch. As I was rolling to a stop, I was gently tugging the shifter towards 4th gear, and to my surprise, it...
  20. JDraft

    Motorama at the Farm Show Complex on Cameron St. this weekend

    Just found out about this today, but it looks pretty sick. Apparently it is like a car show, but with tuner cars instead of major manufacturers coming and just whoring out their new lineups. Anybody going?