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  1. mario84

    my mkV gti wanabe :)

    I didn't post for a long time,my car is still the same except new wheels :) This is how it look liked on woerthersee And few days ago I found what I was looking for a long time (sorry non mkv content) I found mk1 from 1979 year in mint shape from first and only owner :) Didn't made...
  2. mario84

    Thunderbunny info

    Could someone write me what are part numbers off thunderbunny front part by part?
  3. mario84

    will this fit??

    I found MB monoblocks with spec front 8x18 et32 rear 9x18 et35 and tires are 215/35-18 will it fit on lowerd rabbit and does someone have pic with this spec wheels?
  4. mario84

    Rear spojler

    Is there DIY how to take roof spoiler off mkV?
  5. mario84

    Will this fit?

    Front 9x19 et45 Back 10x19 et48 Tires are 215/35-19 I am unditerment will or will not they fit.. Post pisture if somebody runs this setup..
  6. mario84

    lorinser qustion

    I just bought lorinser rsk 2 and I was wondering what tire spec do you recomend wheels are 9x19 et 37 all around and does anybody have a pic off that set off wheels on mk5?
  7. mario84

    fog covers

    I am thinking to put on my gti bumper jetta front and I want to put jetta fog covers.I saw on some off youre cars that you have same gti bumper as I have and have jetta fog covers on and question is where did you bought that covers cous here in croatia you can buy only oem cover that does not...
  8. mario84

    nothing to do..

    made some pictures of my car,hope you like it..
  9. mario84

    strut bar

    dose aneyone have a diy for fiting uper strut bar,are just any picture could help?
  10. mario84

    my mkV gti wanabe :)

    here is some pictures of my car,I hope you like it.. this how he look like when I bought it,just an regular mkV with tdi engine (105bhp) then I want to make it special,to pop out from outhers.. I bought side skirts and rear bumper from gti,and exoust also (all oem :biggrin:),and it...
  11. mario84

    hello from croatia

    my name si mario,and I com from croatia.Idrive mkV with 1.9 tdi engine,and I am very satisfiet with my car.I have to apoligize formy bed english..