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  1. GtiLoNgIe

    Fs: $50 gift card

    What I have is a gift card for Ups Motorsports. Don't have any use for it. It's for 50 bucks. So 50 shipped
  2. GtiLoNgIe

    WTB: front mount intercooler Philly

    Looking for a cheap used intercooler. Looking for a local sale rather than paying for shipping.
  3. GtiLoNgIe

    F.s k03 turbo 70k miles

    Bought it when my turbo blew. Ended up buying one with a manifold.150 plus shipping
  4. GtiLoNgIe

    Fs. 4 RS4 Injectors

    SOLD Bought these for a BT project I never got around to they have about 20k on them 320 shipped or make me a reasonable offer.
  5. GtiLoNgIe

    Fs: ghl downpipe..Pennsylvania

    Had the dp on my car for about 10k.. Shoot my a price.. For a fsi
  6. GtiLoNgIe

    No boost

    Hey I'm in a huge bind. I was driving home today and boost cut out and sounds like the waste gate is stuck open. How would I go about fixing this?
  7. GtiLoNgIe

    abs light and traction control light on

    I recently lowered my car and the abs light and traction control light are on did i miss something while putting it all back together
  8. GtiLoNgIe


    Everytime i start my car and when i shift i can hear a clunking noise... i can also feel it on the clutch pedal. just wondering if it could be the clutch cable going??