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  1. Das Gespenst

    FK Streetlines coilovers (under 4k miles).

    As stated, my coilovers are for sale. Less than 4k miles on them, I will include the ECS HD front strut mounts but they are noisy, (known issue with these strut mounts). The mounts are 100% functional and ok to run but the noise drove me crazy, I'd suggest new top mounts and bearings. Only thing...
  2. Das Gespenst

    Latest addition to the fleet. 1992 Cabriolet.

    Just picked this up at a local auction. 1992 Cabriolet with a 1.8, the only part I don't like is that it's an automatic. Car is clean, runs, drives, etc. Only current issue is a small coolant leak from the t stat housing.
  3. Das Gespenst

    I think I have a problem.

    There's just something about this generation.....:wub:
  4. Das Gespenst

    Feeler: MKV R32 front brake setup.

    Possibly selling my R32 front brake setup. Calipers are in great shape, I just rebuilt and painted them last year, rotors are in good shape (just blanks) with 3 track days and 100 street miles on them, 2 sets of pads with more than 80% life left (Hawk DTC-60 and Hawk HP+), also including braided...
  5. Das Gespenst

    Ceika custom brakes, thoughts?

    Anyone hear of this company before? They offer complete custom bolt on big brake kits for both the front and rear. I'm running into issues finding a BBK that works with my TTRS spindles and would prefer to do a full (front and rear) brake upgrade. Pricing isn't terrible for what you get, specd...
  6. Das Gespenst

    Possible tie Rod end solution for TTRS spindles.

    For those of us that went deep down the Rabbit hole there's been a constant issue on the tie Rod ends. The TTRS arms don't thread far enough into the OEM rack and the OEM tie rods are too short. Buddy of mine found this, would allow the use of OEM rack and tie rod ends while maintaining proper...
  7. Das Gespenst

    Some pretty epic builds going on!

    Despite forums dieing off its good to see there's still some action in here. On top of that, seems like most of the members still here are in the process of some epic builds right now. Just wanted to tip my hat to everyone still not only active here but taking their cars to some incredible...
  8. Das Gespenst

    Building my motor, need advice on valvetrain.

    So as most of you know I'm getting the last of my parts together to build my motor this winter in preparation for the big turbo setup. I currently have a set of Supertech intake and exhaust valves but need to pick up a spring set still (could have swore I bought those already). There's not a...
  9. Das Gespenst

    HPA instake manifold with DPI W/M bungs.

    Anyone here have HPA drill and tap the meth bungs on their manifold. For some reason I seem to remember people having clearance issues with the nozzles. Can anyone confirm there is or is not an issue with there bung placement? Getting my parts list together for my BT setup and thinking about...
  10. Das Gespenst

    WTB: Mahle or JE 82.5 10.5:1 pistons

    As the title states, looking for stock compression and bore forged pistons. Let me know if anyone has some for sale. Looking to buy asap.
  11. Das Gespenst

    Running a K04 on a stage 2+ file (FSI)

    My K03 is on its last legs, only peaks to about 16psi, iconic dentist drill sound and smokes like a bitch. I have a K04 in my garage ready to go on. Any issues with running the K04 on a stage 2+ file? I have injectors, FRV, MAP sensor ready to go on when i get the K04 tune as well but will not...
  12. Das Gespenst

    My personal go kart track.

    So we bought my daughter a go kart for Christmas 2 years ago. Slowly over time we tossed the idea of building a legit gokart track in our back yard. So, we did! It's a major work in progress and has gone through several iterations until we found a route/course we liked. Ended up with a Daytona...
  13. Das Gespenst

    FS: Forge Africa plate, Newsouth multi tap, VTA catch can, good OEM PCV.

    Changed some thing around on the daily so I have some spare PCV/Catch can parts lying around. All prices include shipping to lower 48. OEM PCV W/4K miles - $70 Forge Africa plate - $120 Newsouth multi tap - $20 ***SOLD*** VTA catch can with AN fittings and some hose - $80
  14. Das Gespenst

    FS: Michelin Pilot Super Sport (245/35/18)

    Have a set (of 4) barely used Pilot Super sports. Have a little over 300 miles on them and 2 sessions (40minutes total) on the track. Still in great shape but I now run 265 tires and these are too small for me. Looking for $550 + shipping or $500 local pickup.
  15. Das Gespenst

    FS: Rear toe arms and upper control arms w/Aurora spherical bearings.

    Had to switch up my rear setup to correct the geometry of the widebody setup. Unfortunately these bushings/bearings will not work in the Megan arms I am now running. Arms show a little where from being old but are in great shape, the spherical bearings have been routinely lubed and come with...
  16. Das Gespenst

    FS: Hawk street/race HP800 rear GTI brake pads.

    Used for roughly 3k street miles, pads have 70% life left. We're a little too aggressive paired with the Porsche boxter front setup I'm running. Just switched to a softer/street friendly pad and don't need these anymore. $55 shipped to the lower 48.
  17. Das Gespenst

    WTB: Camber plates

    As title states, if you've got a set in good condition let me know.
  18. Das Gespenst

    MKV GTI racecar shell.

    Putting a feeler out there for a MKV GTI racecar shell with a 10pt full weld in cage. Car was in a wreck and has front end frame/body damage on the right corner. Cage was serious money($15k), it's a full weld in cage. Full formed A pillars with dash bar, full welded B pillars, half roof from...
  19. Das Gespenst

    FS: Very rare Eurojet TSI Africa plate.

    *SOLD* Single port Africa plate, was a very limited run. Would be good for anyone looking to build their own catch can kit. Machined silver under the back paint I put on it. I have two Africa plates and have no need for this anymore. Needs a new gasket/seal but comes with a -10 an fitting I...
  20. Das Gespenst

    Compatible camber plates with Eibach Multi Pro coilovers?

    I've seen various threads about the Eibach top nuts not being OEM thread and people running into issues with camber plates. Does anyone here know what camber plates work with the Eibach coilovers?