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    RIP Fabric London 1999-2016

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    Do you know jack(s)?

    Craftsman makes an aluminum one that is just awesome. It is low profile and so light you can move it with ease and place it anywhere with one hand/arm. Only downside is price, I forget how much my dad paid for it but he told me it cost about 3 times what we paid for our regular bulky steel...
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    OT #27: Hot as Bawls Everywhere

    Balls n weiners.
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    Dang look at this OG.
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    The Official Beer Thread

    Saw those on TV. Definitely want to try them out.
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    Are you an Android?

    Dis, doe.
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    POLE: Favorite Eats & Treats

    Dat chorizo doe. And hot dawgs.
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    Has anyone...

    Was really sad when my parents sold our 94' Thunderbird. Me and my dad did a lot of wrenching on it and also it was my first car in high school. They sold it to my friend who ended up totaling it within a month of buying it. :cry:
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    Vanity License Plate POWL

    Dat Z doe. Love it, doe.
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    A little story I wished to share

    Wrong thread. Mods please move to classifieds.
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    The Official Gun Thread

    Shit if we are selling gun parts on here I have a Streamlight TL2 that I would like to sell.
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    Shell V-Power Nitro+

    8 months means a lot lol.:paddle:
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    Worst car Subculture

    A/S/L? I love you? :wub:
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    Worst car Subculture

    Pretty much lol.
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    Worst car Subculture

    Damn no multiple voting. I dislike BMW and muffstain owners. But for me, in CA, muffstain owners are worse. Every guy in a mustang drives like a fuckstick. Sorry devilchrono I know you have an older gen ( or had ) but mustang owners really "grind my gears" lol.
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    Fully Tuned S3, S4 or S6

    This. Dat weight doe.
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    Identify the car

    Wow that is fucking terrible. I really hope they find the driver and give him what he deserves. Which is to be ran over.
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    Shell V-Power Nitro+

    Dis. Do you even forum bro?! :laugh: