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  1. 335 Trojan

    WTB: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 (any GB) -- SO CAL!

    Interested in buying iPhone's (3G, 3GS and 4 any GB). Needs to be in great condition and have original box, manual, charger and headphones. Lemme know if you are interested in selling yours by PM. I am in So Cal (downtown L.A. area) and will be paying with cash, or by Paypal if it needs to be...
  2. 335 Trojan

    New subwoofer/amp set-up in my 2007 335i coupe!

    Got my magic box made by the guys at Wicked C.A.S. Might be a bit expensive but its the only box that works for me (need my trunk ao that rules out normal boxes). I also have a 6cd changer so that rules out the driver side boxes. Getting new amp soon (suggestions?????) but for now I am using...
  3. 335 Trojan

    FS: iPhone 3GS 32GB (Black) -- Perfect condition! SO CAL

    Selling my iPhone 3GS 32GB in the black color. I have had this phone for a few months and treat it like my baby! Looking for $400 (Or Best Offer) locally in SO CAL. I will drive to you depending on where it is. Please PM me if interested!
  4. 335 Trojan

    Blur racing game

    I saw a commercial for it a few days ago...came out Tuesday. Check out the in-game footage. Looks like Mario Kart 64 on steroids with great graphics and sounds.
  5. 335 Trojan

    "Welcome Back"

    What ever happened to Mase? Now that I have your attention (or not to be honest) i thought I'd share that I haven't been around lately because my 15" Macbook Pro died (4 years old). Took 2 weeks to finally get a new computer. Ended up getting a 15" Macbook Pro 2.66 GHz, 500 GB HD, Nvidia GT...
  6. 335 Trojan

    Design your own wheels! OMGWTFBBQ! FTW! Market Research Thread

    I have a hypothetical for you today. What if you could design your own 2, 3 or single block forged wheel? I mean the same quality build, weight and paint as HRE, DPE, Iconz. BUT.....You choose the dimensions, number of spokes, the thickness of each spoke, make whatever shapes you want out of...
  7. 335 Trojan

    OM nom nom nom...

  8. 335 Trojan

    I iZ SuP3R!

  9. 335 Trojan

    I popped by HPFP cherry this past weekend

    :lol::lol::lol: Well on my way home from school....I am on the 405 north ---> 101 north interchange and all the sudden I lost power, check engine light comes on and the car starts shaking at any rpm above 1500. Throw my hazards on... I frantically try to merge to the far right lane (while...
  10. 335 Trojan

    Got a new Kitten (No Homo)

    His name is Cincy since he is a Snow Lynx Bengal. Enjoy.
  11. 335 Trojan

    FS: Nikon D80 Body (with manual, charger and CD) in SO CAL, LOS ANGELES!

    My roommate is selling his Nikon D80 camera body in Los Angeles, CA. Looking for a local sale, though he will ship if buyer pays shipping. It is in superb condition and I will have pics up of the camera shortly. He is asking $550 for it + shipping. Thanks, Zack...
  12. 335 Trojan

    FS: G36C Airsoft Rifle (foldable stock) + 2 High-cap Mags + 2 batteries + Accessories

    I have had this for years and haven't used it in years lol. Time to let someone else have fun with it. I am selling a Full Auto/Semi Auto G36C Airsoft Rifle. It comes with: G36C Gun Body w/ orange tip and foldable stock Red Dot Scope (doesn't actually magnify, just a red dot) Full Metal...
  13. 335 Trojan

    FS: USED Blackberry Bold 9000 w/ charger, case, headphones and original box--SO CAL

    Up for sale is my Blackberry Bold 9000...I just got an iPhone and I need to sell this asap. It has had a screen protector on since day one and has also been in a rubber case since day one, so it is in very good condition. I would call it a 9/10, some slight blemishes on the silver bezel that...
  14. 335 Trojan

    FS: Falken FK452 Tires.....(2) 235/35/19 & (2) 265/35/19

    Had these for less than 4 months. Have approximately 600 miles on them. MINT Condition! Will have proper pictures Friday, but for now here are a few pics of the tires, front and rear. (These pics are on 8.5" and 10" rims for reference of stretch etc.) $500 picked up in Agoura, CA or...
  15. 335 Trojan

    WTB: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 in SO CAL

    looking for the prestige edition mainly. New or used (if the night vision goggles still work of course) lemme know
  16. 335 Trojan

    ***INTRODUCING*** GOLFMkV.COM's Premier Clothing Sponsor -- Neud Clothing

    FOR MY GOLFMKV.COM BRETHEREN.... I will give you some better deals than the website if you PM me. We can handle it all through Paypal to make it easier on everyone. Many of you may know me as Zack aka GTI Trojan aka 335 Trojan, a long time member of this forum and community. I am moving...
  17. 335 Trojan

    A-Rod Grabs Jeter's ass. WTF
  18. 335 Trojan

    Space Grey BMW 335i (e92) ---> Vorsteiner, Mtech, KW, Neez.....

    Thought I would share some pics of my ride with you guys. Just got the mtech front bumper installed and absolutely love it :happyanim: Now onto the pics: Thanks for C&C in advance!
  19. 335 Trojan

    Need help from my brethren...Space Gray BMW 335i Content

    Currently, I am running 19x8.5 et 35 and 19x10 et 25 which makes an extremely flush fitment. They look great and are super lightweight (approx. 19 and 20 lbs for 19s). Here is my dilemma. I either keep the neez and roll like I am, or sell the neez and use the money to buy Vortex VT996 rims...
  20. 335 Trojan

    Looking for a web developer to do a website for me.

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so I put it in OT. Figured it could stay safe there. I am looking for a web developer for a project i need to complete. Please PM me if you have good experience in website development. Thanks in advance. --Zack