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  1. LightningRhod

    What a car enthusiast looks like to everyone else...

    I rather enjoyed this article/blog post haha:
  2. LightningRhod

    Help a MKVI brother out!!

    Hey guys and gals, I'm riding for Tour de Cure (Ride for Diabetes) again this year. The ride is to promote awareness of diabetes and to help fundraise for the cause. If you all could take maybe 5 mins out of your day to help support this effort, I'd greatly appreciate it!! Link to my...
  3. LightningRhod

    Next gen GTI to come with 240hp/260 ft-lb stock?

    Found this article via Autoblog, so thought I would share. Explains the new platform for the Golf/GTI/Audi A3, new engine types, amongst other exciting changes to come.
  4. LightningRhod

    What will you do with your tax return?

    Tax season is coming up, and some of us will be getting returns. As for me, I may use it towards a set of track wheels and tires (Enkei PF01 w/ Hankook Ventus RS3's) since I'll be heading to Infineon Raceway in March for my birthday. So what will you do with yours? Doesn't have to be...
  5. LightningRhod

    Who's playing Battlefield 3???

    My copy of the game is being shipped to my house as we speak via Amazon, so I should have a nice gift when I get home from work. Who else is playing this game? I'm super excited for this game :thumbup: If ya'll play on PS3, my tag is ichibankakkoii. Squad up!!!