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  1. GIACUser

    Looking for recommendations for SoCal shop - that can R&R motor and repair internal damage

    Yes, that is something I could do, I could simply buy a motor all done and built from IE but I already put the big bucks into the build and only ran it for a few hours and the car still runs so I think with some repair work and replacement of damaged parts I could be back in biz a lot cheaper. I...
  2. GIACUser

    WTB MK 5 GTI

    I was considering purchasing this car just because it had soooooo much done to it. This is an 09 with APR K04 setup, big brakes, tons of suspension stuff done..... and a motor that only has 50K mi on it. This thing has a built DSG, accusump and on and on for an asking price of 10,200. The car...
  3. GIACUser

    FS: 2009 GTI Thunderbunny, 2 door, 92k miles, Long Beach, CA

    Very clean looking car. Looks like it has been cared for quite well with a nice set of mods. Is this still for sale?
  4. GIACUser

    2006 MKV GTi turbo replacement.

    Doing great, hunkered down at home like most of America. I finished the build last Oct and got it on the road briefly only to have an engine failure. Doh!! Tuner gave me the car back with 2 tunes, one with 380 and one with 480whp. Car shipped with the 480 in place and unfortunately he did not...
  5. GIACUser

    2006 MKV GTi turbo replacement.

    Great posts ROH ECHT
  6. GIACUser

    2006 MKV GTi turbo replacement.

    They switched from the FSI motor that you have to the TSI motor in 2009. With a little searching using Google you should be able to find the differences and find out if it can be modified and used. The best thing is to find a turbo from any year but 2009. Also note, they switched to the TSI...
  7. GIACUser

    Looking for recommendations for SoCal shop - that can R&R motor and repair internal damage

    Yeah I have contacted them and unfortunately like everyone I have spoke with they declined the work as this type of project just takes too much time or they don't have the storage to accommodate the project. I am gong to look farther out perhaps to LA, San Diego and I think there may be a shop...
  8. GIACUser

    FSI HPFP Roller Conversion / Follower Failure

    Cool kit at a good price but install not for beginners. I have a roller kit from IAbed on my car, it has been great.
  9. GIACUser

    Is FMIC worth it?

    I guess in order to answer the question need to hear what you expect it to do for you.
  10. GIACUser

    Introductions thread (Part 2)

    Congratulation on your purchase, This forum is rich in general info that you can use but in case you haven't joined the GolfMK7 forum, make sure you do to get information on your particular model as this forum is for the MKV which is primarily from 2006 - 2009. Enjoy your MK7. also for your TDI...
  11. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    I am still searching for a shop to pull and fix motor. Had a line on a shop in Anaheim but they are already overbooked. Anybody have any SoCal recommendations?
  12. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    Some of the carnage when I dropped my 35 dollar iphone scope in to take a look. Couldn't see the walls with the angle viewer but it all needs to come apart. You can see where the bits of the melted spark plug dropped onto the piston and welded itself there..
  13. GIACUser

    FS: Brake Pads F/R for Brembo 18z calipers (Hawk HPS)

    New price 150.00 shipped for the full set
  14. GIACUser

    FS: Hawk Blue 9012 brake pads - for Brembo 18z front calipers

    Anybody ? - 80.00 shipped to lower 48
  15. GIACUser

    Thread on Audiworld - selling new RS3 master cylinder for 200 Just thought I would point it out since I paid 400 for mine. I used this type of Master Cylinder when going with the big Brembo 18z brakes front and rear. Using stock Master Cylinder with these...
  16. GIACUser

    My second build on my 08 GTI

    Finally ready to get this thing back on the road. I believe I have found a proper engine guy to fix whatever was broken by the plugs. So the project will be restarted. This time I have decided to go street legal. I just can't bring myself to give up on the project till finished.
  17. GIACUser

    CA emissions

    Stay plain K04 and you will have a solid experience, the HPA kit for the MKV seems solid and well priced as you can get turbo, some install bits, tune and their install tool so you can install the tune yourself for 2400. Just stay away from the HPA intake manifold, not necessary and will detract...
  18. GIACUser

    CA emissions

    Wow - a new APR hpfp for 100 bucks, that is more like a gift since they cost nearly a grand new. You have done well indeed! If you can get residence established in one of those exempt zip codes that would be the ticket.
  19. GIACUser

    Looking for recommendations for SoCal shop - that can R&R motor and repair internal damage

    As the title says I am looking for recommendations. My built motor ate a couple of spark plugs and need a competent shop that can take motor out, open it up and repair it. I am located in the Inland Empire area but ok with traveling 100 miles out. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
  20. GIACUser

    CA emissions

    If by stage 3 you mean K04 you can still pass emissions with it and a bit of work every 2 years. I ran K04 for many years passed smog the last 2 times. There are some other past discussions on how to pass in CA. My car was 335whp and it moved quite well. The cost of doing this and getting the...