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  1. 3carmonte

    Anyone running Firestone Firehawk 500 tires? (225/40 R18's)

    These are the tires I'm going to tomorrow. The Goodyear Eagles were great in the dry and wet but dry-rotted something awful with plenty of legal tread left on them.
  2. 3carmonte

    Black Plastic Trim Hack

    I just thought I would share this and you know what they say about free advice... After trying products such as: Mothers "Back to Black", Meguiar's "Ultimate Black" (if you like working with spray paint...) Armorall "Outlast-Trim and Plastic Restorer" and Turtle Wax "Trim Restorer and after...
  3. 3carmonte

    A different kind of fire extinguisher

    I saw this in another forum and wanted to bring it here. I have always carried an ABC or Halon fire extinguisher in my vehicles and thankfully I have only ever needed one to help another driver. This looks like the "Bee's knee's" of fire extinguishers. It was featured on Jay Leno's Garage. (No...
  4. 3carmonte

    Survey. Your opinion on the possible application of this old valve cleaning method.

    Many years (decades) ago, I owned a Ford with an in-line 6 cyl that would develop valve clatter within 40K miles. A Ford mechanic in a small town dealership did something that I repeated for the life of the car because it worked. He explained that the intake valves were getting carbon deposits...
  5. 3carmonte

    Visor alert or "The Devil is in the details"

    Just sharing here. Yesterday my wife lowered the passenger visor to block the easterly sun and the clip on the hinge side popped out of the headliner. Evidently, it is "socketed" to the headliner with the headliner and clip forming a tongue and groove as it is slid into place toward the rear of...
  6. 3carmonte

    Cabin heat control failure. No gradient. Off or hot only.

    A 2007 MKV without climate control has a heat control dial that ranges from a "blue dot" (off) then starting at 64 degrees, through a 72 degree mid-point to a max of 80 degrees before a "red dot" (full heat). This has all worked in a predictable way until recently when I have noticed no heat...
  7. 3carmonte

    Help! Hatch Door Rattle

    I just read through this sites rattle complaint history and couldn't find the one I have. Here goes. When the hatch is open, I can tap it with my fist and it stays quiet. When it's closed, the same fist bumping action causes a "buzzy-rattle" that is the one I hear when the car goes over rough...
  8. 3carmonte

    NBC NY News: -VW Timing Chain Issues- consumer feature

    This is becoming a "why isn't there a recall on this already" item. (Effect's 2008 - 2012 GTI's for the purpose's of this forum)
  9. 3carmonte

    Help: Steering wheel badge going away

    The clear coat is flaking off my center VW badge on the air-bag leaving a clouded plastic letter behind where there was shinny chrome. Has any one replaced theirs or delt with this in a way that restored what was? Chrome paint?
  10. 3carmonte

    Where have all the coupe's gone?

    Is it just me or are there more coupe fans out there than VW realizes? My last trip to the dealership educated me to the fact that VW is not offering any more coupe models in any line in the USA (Europe, no problem) since I think 2015? These four door hatch GTI's just don't get my heart a...
  11. 3carmonte

    Grab Handles (over doors) design alert

    Several months ago, I had my headliner replaced by a reputable upholstery shop. Well, for the first time the other day I rode as a passenger in the car and had the occasion to (try) use the grab handle. I noticed that the right side was not really attached and pulling out. To make a long story...
  12. 3carmonte

    Engine Blanket tabs falling out of the slots

    This looks like another "if it hasn't happened to you yet, it will" things with these cars. Maybe the insulation blanket on the underside of the hood is loosing it's stiffness or it's shrinking? The result is that only the plastic fasteners are holding it on now and all the tabs that tuck into...
  13. 3carmonte

    Found on "The Chive"

    Could happen...
  14. 3carmonte

    Help! Volume loss from Aux input

    The radio still plays at the same volume but right in the middle of a song on my MP3 player, the Aux volume dropped by I'd say half. The MP3 player has a volume output setting but that's the same as it was and if I plug it into my Sony truck radio (as I do on weekends) it plays at the normal...
  15. 3carmonte

    Volkswagen trying to shut down <> site?

    I don't know who created/sponsors that site but I went there today looking at the list of "VW petrol engine oil spec 502/505 approved oils" and saw the thread asking to help any way you can.
  16. 3carmonte

    Request for comment: VW oil spec criticism

    So, I'm shopping for oil for my wife's car on Amazon and under Pennzoil Platinum 0w 40 reviews I saw the following from "Tara" posted January 3rd. 2017. "Technically a better product than the Platinum Euro 0w-40 without the extra cost of VW 502 spec, which is antiquated anyway. Worth mentioning...
  17. 3carmonte

    2.0T FSI Cam-Follower / HPFP question.

    :bowvw:Has anyone ever tried just eliminating the whole mechanical fuel pump assy. and replacing it with an electric fuel pump system entirely? I think I read somewhere in here that there is an electric pump that's priming the injectors already? I mean fuel systems aren't that complicated on...
  18. 3carmonte

    My passenger side view mirror fell off

    So I'm driving along and make a right turn and hear glass breaking. There was no bottle in the road I'm saying to myself... When I get home, on a walkaround I see that there is no mirror glass in my right side view. Only the rubber backing it was attached to. I found a company called Internet...
  19. 3carmonte

    Blistering clear-coat on black plastic divider panel between honeycomb grills!

    This is on the top edge surface of the center trim panel below the badge honeycomb. It started as one blemish of a clear-coat blister that has now progressed (in a month) to three with a fourth starting. I don't want to cloud or scratch the plastic underneath. I've been scraping the clouded...
  20. 3carmonte

    Who is running this ECS or Forge catch cans and what do you think of them?

    Both the Forge and the ECS look like they'll do the job in my stock 2007 fsi-GTI but the input I get in here is valuable to me. ECS: Forge: