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  1. J

    K04 Turbo for sale in Texas!

    Hey Guys a fellow dubber in San Antonio I am selling a brand NEW stassis engineering K04 Turbo kit never used I was orginally going to install it in my MKV GTI but decided to get a new 2011 GT mustang (ya I know). So my loss is your gain, it comes with everything ready to install! The reason I...
  2. J

    Socal Parts for sale !!!

    Returning car back to dealership getting a new ride! I have several parts that I want for sale would prefer cash and your stock part so i can return the car clean to the dealer. ALL PARTS ARE FOR A 2007 GTI 1. Neuspeed intake with heatshield 120bux plus your stock airbox/engine cover. 2. H&R...
  3. J

    Modded Mustang 08 GT/CS vs. stage 2 gti

    Raced my brothers modded 08 Mustang GT/CS we did a 60-130 pull. 3 honks and i pulled 1car on him then at about 70mph he started to reel me in then at around 90mph he had 2 cars on me then at 120 he was a buslength on me. I got smoked!!! He wants to race a K04 GTI any Takers in the SOCAL?????
  4. J

    Insane Blown Monte Carlo SS!!! Fucking crazy !!! Reason I posted this Vid is im on the verge of purchasing a Monte Carlo SS with a stroked 383Chevy Engine!!! My Brother has Monte and they are fuckin bad ass!!!! THE BLOWER SOUNDS SICK AS FUCK!!
  5. J

    2010 Camaro SS Official STATS!

    gJrR8QI9iaQ The new camaro is just plain fast! for a 33grand car! But honestly doesnt handle as well as I thought.
  6. J

    Driftin Twin Screwed 2010 Stang

    -67GXNxzyJU This so sick! I alredy know people are gonna hate but you cant help and just enjoy the engine sound! And that Twin Screw whine!!!
  7. J

    Met the PUNISHER yesterday!

    Was on Set for a new Pilot on HBO comin out (Legally cant mention anything) But To my surprise THOMAS JANEThe original Punisher was the Lead didnt know till I got there. Hes a cool Guy FYI The Punisher Is my Favorite Marvel Movie in fact hes my fav superhero! Yea real dedicated actor the whole...
  8. J

    2010 Mustang GT

    8FjQ67EPmq8 Better than everyone expected! Including me! Deff next ride !
  9. J

    Buick GNX

    Really Thinking of picking one up for a project car. The GNX aka Super sleeper! Only a few hundred dollars and its an 11sec car! What do you guys think? some vids
  10. J


    I saw the wrestler only cuz Micky Rourke won the Golden Globe for best actor and I wanted to see how he did on that roll! Im an aspiring actor! He was awesome movie it was sad exciting you totally connect with him in the movie. As like 90% of guys I was a wrestling fan when I was little and I...
  11. J

    Dane Cook?

    HAHAHA Saw this couldnt stop laughing Sadly this is exactley dane cook's act is. I never thought dane cook was funny but this is.
  12. J

    Nip/Tuck fans!

    As you know the new season just started and the first episode was amazing since the last season left Shawn bleeding to death on the floor! Talk about a Fucking CliffHanger! So who else like Nip tuck on this forum?? Season 5 funny clip
  13. J

    APR Stage 2 vs modded Civic Si

    Was driving down rinaldi and Tampa in (SFV) I see this modded civic different wheels, exhaust and maybe intake? well we were rolling next to eachother around 30mph then he takes off I step on the accelerator and I pull 1 1/2 cars on him! GTI WIN! Then Im just cruising thinking we were done then...
  14. J

    2010 Ford GT500

    The new GT500 for 2010 I thinks its gorgeouse it a combination of muscle car and super car! 540HP 510 lb/ft Gorgeouse new interior I love it and I would definatley Buy it. Here in LA you have everyone driving Euro Supercars it would be awesome to smoke em with some American Muscle!
  15. J

    Fucking Funny Comedian

    Just saw this guy on Comedy Central Hope you guys enjoy!
  16. J

    Official Speedo Pics!

    Lets post our most crazy Speedo Pics! I know you guys got em! Heres mine from San Antonio to Los Angeles
  17. J

    Best VW Commercial!

    HAHAHAHAHA Check this out!
  18. J


    Just installed Ecs tuning is where I got them! Bought em! Love em! Check em! :thumbsup:
  19. J

    Benjamin Button

    I saw The Curiose Case Of Benjamin Button and I have to Say its Easlily top 5 movies I have Ever seen in my life! Director David Fincher(Fight Club,Seven) is a genius And Brad Pitt honestly his best performance! And of course Cate Blanchet really ties up this movie great actress! Great Movie !
  20. J

    Stage 2 vs Aston Martin V8 Vantage

    I was cruising last sat night down Sunset down the Bhills area the part where it gets all twisty in front of the UCLA area. Well my bro and I where chillin looking to do some runs with anything(Yeah I know im bad:wink: ) but I see this V8 vantage driving pretty quick so I catch up to him line up...