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    hardle used VAGCOM micro-can, unlimited vin cable $189 great tool for scanning and coding your car for more futures! SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    Warning low oil pressure!

    This little guy popped up on my dash on my way home from work today. I did oil change yesterday and replaced all the oil. Even checked this morning. Why did it come on again? :mad:
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    Vag-com Needle sweep? ---Solved---

    Can we Vag-com the needle sweep like the mk6? :happyanim:
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    Enjoy your hot / cold air! (Thanks car <3)

    Does anyone else have this issue where the passenger air vents blow freezing air and the driver air vents blow extremely hot air? If so how do I fix this dumb problem. Its quite funny, the center piece with the hazards one side comes cold and the other hot....
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    grinding & rattling cold & warm start up

    Well guys I'm back again! I'm having a problem well, kind of a problem. On cold starts and 50% of the time warm starts; I'm getting a rattle / grinding noise. It's and FSI, BYI engine. No codes besides your usual p0089 that I can't seem to fix. Anyway heres a video of a TSI making the same...
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    2 Faults Found: 012555 - Low Pressure Fuel regulation P310B - 008 - Fuel Pressure Outside Specification - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00101000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Frequency: 11...
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    Which one do I buy? Im totally clueless... :cry: Which do you guys have? Do I buy the software/plug or is the plug in the software and I just plug it into a computer.
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    WTB BSH Motor Mounts!

    Pm me or text 908 894 0979 Will buy all together or separately.
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    Clicking when letting off accelerator?

    Just as the title says; the only way to describe the sound is when a flag pole pully hits the metal. It just started happening. Whenever I let off the accelerator it clicks. I was thinking an engine mount is loose but my mounts are stock? Anyone else have any input on what it could be?:w00t:
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    Inspection stations

    I'm a year and a half over due for inspection. Anyone know a good place to get inspected. I do not have a cat... New jersey area.
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    WTB Fog housings!

    Pm or leave a post!
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    I'm back....

    Just got home from classes car was running fine. Let it sit for about 1 hour. I pull out of my driveway and about 100 yards away from my home check engine light comes on... (oh how I miss you)! Anyway when it came out it sounded like my oil cap was off; really loud sputtering. I pull into a...
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    rardar detector for mkv

    So, who owns a rardar detector for under $200. I can't make up my mind, if its even worth the money. What would you recommend?
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    snow tire option?

    Was messing around with the snow tire option, what does it actually do? +10 or-10 it goes up to 80 mph? I'm so confused. Does it give you the most accurate reading between those speeds? Does anyone know what I'm talking about lol?
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    odd whistling noise

    When I turn on the heat in my car after a few minutes it starts to make a loud squeaking noise. Anyone ever have this problem? Usually keep the temp 80 and the level at 3. Does not do it while the A/C is on.
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    Selling classix's

    Selling 5 classix rims 1 is bent that why I'll throw in a non-bent one. 200 obo. Will post pictures later. Shoot me a text for fast response. 908 894 0979
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    Park to drive to reverse

    So today I've noticed something really weird going on.. I would start the car and put it into drive. However, upon arrival into drive, it would shake the car almost like something was loose. Literary feels like i'm about to fly forward or backwards.. Another example would be a really rough...
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    DIY brake flush questions..

    Pretty dumb question, I only have 2 jacks. When I flush the brakes won't the car roll backwards if not on 4 jacks? Also, if I can avoid the car from the rolling backwards, how do I do it...? :stupid:
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    Driver side caliper!

    If anyone could tell me or has directions on how to replace the driver side caliper that would be great!