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    Hitler finds out about the BMW X5 (X50d M)

    ^Haa haaa...that was awesome!
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    A/C drain plugged? ('09 TSI GLI)

    I've noticed that this whole summer I never saw a puddle of water under the front of my car after I park it and switch the a/c off...did anyone had a problem like that and where do I find the a/c drain hose (if there is one) and how do I fix this? Any photos? Tried searching on here but couldn't...
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    '09 TSI GLI Water pump part number?

    Can someone confirm if this is the lates part number for the water pump-06H121026CF for let's say '09 TSI GLI/GTI's? I'm planning on replacing my timing chain soon and I want to replace the water pump too but I'm not sure if can just get the water pump itself instead of the whole assembly...
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    Strange issue: engine shudders/shakes but only from like 1000-2000rpm idle or driving

    My car is '09 GLI stick, APR stage 1, Carbonio and a few other mods and has 78k miles on odo. This past winter I noticed that my car shudders when starting up in the morning (or any time the engine is cold) and shakes a bit when accelerating from low rpm until it warms up. Now during the summer...
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    ABS control module and steering ring for '09 GTI/GLI

    Could you guys please post the part numbers for abs control module and steering ring for '09 GTI/GLI? I did search but couldn't find the info on here. Thanks.
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    Help please! ST coilovers too low in the rear (adjusters at the max) - suggestions?

    Hi guys, Could you help me with this issue I'm having - my '09 GLI has ST coilovers and at the rear the adjusters are set to their maximum height. Now, I (DanGSR) installed a Curt hitch for me so I could haul some mt bikes but now my hitch scratches my driveway and some speed bumps and it's...
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    DEVILSOWN DVC30 Stage 2 progressive water methanol injection kit - used

    SOLD! I have a used DO DVC30 Stage 2 progressive w/m kit for sale. It comes with D04 nozzle, custom made mounting plate and tapped stock reservoir (so you don't have to drill your stock one out and save yourself $50-60 if you ever decide to take the w/m kit out) as well as all other parts...
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    Help - need TSI Oxygen Sensor part numbers

    I did the search thing and couldn't find it - can someone please post the TSI oxygen sensor part numbers? And especially the one closest to the turbo? I need to replace mine but the (great prices and service by the way) just gave me two different part numbers and they don't know...
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    FS: Neuspeed Sport Springs $140.00

    FS: Neuspeed Sport Springs $140.00 - SHIPPED! Hi all, I have Neuspeed Sport Springs for sale, bought them from MarkFhive in January (he claimed 1500 miles on them), DanGSR put them on my car, I put another 3-4k on them but then swapped them for stock suspension - now checking out some...
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    A problem with DO's water/meth on my APR S2 TSI GLI when in 100 oct. program

    Hi guys - I was wondering if someone had similar experiences and had a solution for this. I just installed the DO's DVC-30 w/m kit (actually DanGSR did it for me) in my 09 GLI with APR S2 and am experiencing some problems when I switch to 100 octane mode. After the install it was raining and too...
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    Need some help with DO's w/m pump mounting in engine bay

    I'm planning on putting in a DO's w/m DVC-30 kit in my car (together with S3 IC - DanGSR doing the install) with the pump being installed in the engine bay. Can somebody please explain just the mounting options for the pump? Do we need some kind of mounting plate or brackets or anything...
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    Good dd/track suspension setup for 09 GLI

    I know I should post this in suspension thread and I apologize in advance but I would like your opinion too guys. I recently stumbled upon this section of the forum and think it's the best of them all, no bashing, no bs, no bling, just pure good info. I'd like to start going to the track this...
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    93 oct. APR Stage 1, 91 oct. gas and octane booster???

    Sorry if this was answered before but I'm taking a long trip in few days from NY to Florida (Miami and Key West) via 95 and wanted to make sure that I don't mess anything up. I have APR Stage 1 93 oct. file only (I'm upgrading to Stage 2 soon, 42DD SS is on the way) so my question is - if I...