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    Headliner Upholstery Shop in NY

    Same question. 975 is crazy thought it’dbe 400
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    FS: 2009 GTI - NJ SOLD

    Please leave the original posts up for reference! I’m trying to gauge the deal I’m looking at
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    2007 mk5 GTI 130k - thoughts on price

    Hi all. I'm looking at a 2007 GTI with 130k miles. the car has had confirmed new turbo and timing belt, cam follower done. there's also a bunch of stuff that was supposedly done by previous owner that i don't have receipts for. some of it i'll be able to confirm visually like springs, intake...
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    2006 Rabbit MKV with deleted cat - buy or run away?

    new here - not a gti owner but had a cat delete on my s2k. you won't pass inspection if your CEL is on. the cat delete does give you a little hp - maybe 5. it's not dangerous to the car in any way. what you'll need is probably a spacer for the o2 sensors so you can pass inspection.