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  1. thug4life

    E-Brake Stuck?

    I noticed that I have a little bit of drag on the car lately - and I can smell it coming from the back wheels. It has been freezing here in nYC...anyone know any ideas? My e brake HAS been loose lately. Just wondering if this is going to be an expensive fix or not...
  2. thug4life

    WTB: 2 or 1 225/40r tires LI/NY area

    hey. just need what's specified in the title. shoot me a PM with pics and whatnot. one of my tires has a slow leak and want to replace it before it gets too bad. thanks.
  3. thug4life

    WTB: Catback Exhaust - NY/LI pref.

    Exactly what it states. Not looking for anything too fancy or pricey neither, just not OEM. Of course I am checking threads, however, send me any that you may have for sale. Thanks J
  4. thug4life

    WTB: Driver side mirror for MKV. (All I need is the glass itself)

    Yea the glue melted off and it fell and cracked. Now I am driving around with a cracked mirror. While it isn't too bad, I could use a new one. Anyone have anything
  5. thug4life

    WTB: 2006 GTI MKV D2S Ignitor

    The ignitor on my MKV crapped out recently and driving around without a headlight definitely isn't safe. Anyone have anything?
  6. thug4life

    Light out

    One of my lights is out. Took it to get an inspection and (it failed of course) the dude told me that my ignitor is broken (the piece that you have to turn to the side to pop out...what actually powers the bulb) is broken. How much for one of those and where can I find one? Or whats the part...
  7. thug4life

    WTB: 2 225/40/18 tires for Huffs (NY)

    Need two tires ASAP. Have to get an inspection very sooon
  8. thug4life

    WTB: 2 225/40/18 tires for Huffs (NY)

    Local preferred. Need two tires for huffs. A lot of tread must be left on them thanks
  9. thug4life

    Need help finding a new Headunit...

    I know nothing about Car electronics, but my stock head unit shorted out. I was looking for primarily a double din HU (Touch screen?) with Bluetooth and the steering wheel control module. Also if it has the option for upgraded Nav that would be dope...I dont mind a pullout one either...more...
  10. thug4life

    WTB:Projector Fogs

    Yup...Anyone have a pair for sale?
  11. thug4life

    FS: 19" Konig Heatsinks

    Whats up guys? I had these wheels for a bit and I am trying to move 'em. They are a tad beat up, however, they can be fixed and they will look nice as hell. They look good as hell on an MKV, and is a good project to save up on for a cheap summer set. 350$ Picked up.
  12. thug4life

    WTB: Dope Wheels On LI (NYC is cool too)

    yea...My price range is up to a G. I am also looking for some new wheels also, but if I can find some really good used ones I will pick up. Looking to do this soon too. Send some PM's etc.
  13. thug4life

    WTB:Classix on Long Island...NY

    I already have tried the last few threads on Classix so I figurd I'd just make my own. I am located in Long Island but I will travel a tad if it is not that bad. I dont want it shipped. And please, don't try and over charge me. I am trying to spend 300-375$ which is a good price. Thanks
  14. thug4life

    Anyone selling wheels?

    I really need a set. Pm me or comment in the thread.
  15. thug4life

    Cam Follower?

    Yea...I have a 2006...stock ECU never tuned...just an intake. I heard someone saying i hsould get my Cam Follower checked out..that true? I have been experiencing some some rev hang a little bit (like I have a vacuum leak...but everyone says its probably just because of the crappy ATP intake)...
  16. thug4life

    WTB: ATP Catless DP,Euro Switch, Boost Guage

    yessir. What does everyone have?
  17. thug4life

    WTB: Classix In NY. I need a settt

    Yea, I need a set so i can do some unique powder coating (might powdercoat them a bright color and slam the dub on them) Hit me please!
  18. thug4life

    Documentarys on Street Racing...

    Yea, saw the True Life one, and I have seen clips of the A&E one. Any others you guys know off? Also, anyway i can watch some on the internet?
  19. thug4life

    Photo Request: BMP GTI slammed on white Classix

    Yea, I was planning on picking up a set of classix and powdercoating them white and slamming on them Any pics? maybe a photoshop?
  20. thug4life

    WTB: An ATP downpipe

    I know I should justy buy it on Ebay but I don't have an account and I'd rather buy it personally yanno? Anyone selling?