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    WTB: GTI Front Lower Grill

    I would prefer pick-up (NYC area).
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    Downpipe and its affect on mileage?

    I've tried searching for an answer to my question, but haven't found anything. My question is: Will replacing the stock downpipe with an aftermarket one (APR) reduce my gas mileage? Thanks!
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    Financing Rates for the 09's?

    Does anyone what the financing rates are for the 2009's for the month of August? Thanks.
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    NYS registration/inspection for a non-PZEV car.

    All NY dealerships are required to sell PZEV vehicles as of mid-2007. Since I plan on buying a non-PZEV car from NJ and registering it in NY, would I have any problems getting it registered or passing NYS emissions inspection? Thanks!
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    Out of state fees? What should I be paying from buying a VW from out of state?

    Hello. I am currently a NY resident and I plan on purchasing a VW in New Jersey. I plan on registering the car in New York. What kind of TTL (tax, title, license) fees should I be paying? As far as I know, I either pay NY sales tax at the dealership (as long as the dealership is allowed to...
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    Question about Miles...

    Is it possible for the dealership to decrease the number of miles on a car?