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  1. TheGrinch958

    Thunderbunny front help

    So I just purchased a thunderbunny front and I installed it with almost no problems except for when it came to the fog lights. I am not sure how to get the foglight housing to stay In place behind the grill. There are screw holes but my original gli bumper didn't have any screws long enough. Any...
  2. TheGrinch958

    Fifteen 52 fender flares?

    Does anyone know if the fender flares for a GTI will fit right on a GLI? I think it'd look pretty awesome( kinda like an RS4 type stance) and I've searched a few places and can't seem to find any info on this. I know the cars are pretty much the same until about half way down the car. A buddy of...
  3. TheGrinch958

    weird fuel/boost cuts PLEASE HELP!

    Every time im on the expressway and i'm going over 80 if i accelerate hard my car starts to make little jumping motions(it feels like i'm flooring it then letting go abruptly and doing it over and over again) even though may be at 75% throttle. I don't know if these are tiny fuel cuts or tiny...
  4. TheGrinch958

    Downpipe gasket

    I got my downpipe off of the classifieds but I only got the downpipe. No mid pipe or anything with it. I have figured out a solution to the lack of mid pipe problem but I was told that I need a gasket to go between my turbo and my dp. Does anyone know wut this gasket would be for a eurojet 3"...
  5. TheGrinch958

    Downpipe Issues and my current dilemma

    Ok so i bought a EuroJet DP off the classifieds here and was completely satisfied with the sale. Big ups to Ldourlaingti for a good seller. Anyway it didn't have a midpipe so i figured i would just get one and that it wouldn't be a problem to mate it with my autotech 3 in cat back. I forgot that...
  6. TheGrinch958

    why can't i switch programs???

    I got a fully loaded APR ecu in october and i couldn't be happier with it. The only problem is that i can't seem to switch programs anymore. I Know how to do it, it just isn't working. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. TheGrinch958

    Stage 1 vs Eclipse GS-T

    I was on the expressway about 2 hours ago coming back from a TDWP/Story of the Year show in Elgin (which was F**KING amazing by the way) and I see 2g Eclipse with a pretty big ricepipe hanging from the back. I pulled up to him, and he immediately looked over. He was with his girl :rolleyes: so I...
  8. TheGrinch958

    Vmr Vent Pod Install

    I'm not sure if this is the right section so apologize in advance but i've been looking for a few days for a diy on a vent pod install and all i can find is "A" pillar and steering columns. Can someone please post something to help me out? thanks
  9. TheGrinch958

    eBay downpipe???

    how does everyone feel about ebay downpipes. i dont really know if i should get one because it seems kind of iffy but alot of people seem to have them. i was just wondering what everyones opinion was on them.
  10. TheGrinch958

    Powdercoating in Chicago?

    Does anyone know where to get some inexpensive wheel powdercoating done in the Chicagoland area. I've looked around and couldn't really find anything. Thanks
  11. TheGrinch958

    Springs or coilovers??

    so i just got an 06 gli and i want to lower my car and get some better handling and a way better stance. my friend told me that getting a full set of coilovers is the way to go but i also heard that you can just use lowering springs and later replaces the struts. can someone please set me...