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  1. porpoise hork

    Acceleration Issue - Backfiring into intake!

    I have an '08 GTI (FSI engine & DSG) with an acceleration issue that has me perplexed and hopefully someone may have some information that can help me get this resolved. During moderate acceleration in manual mode when shifting from 1st to 2nd at about 3.5-4K rpm the car falls on its face. I...
  2. porpoise hork

    Radio startup volume???

    Can someone please explain to me why VW put this god forsaken horifically and totally annoying feature in their headunits? I always forget to mute or turn my radio off and every time with out fail I get in start it up and the volume is automactically thrust up to what it would be on the...
  3. porpoise hork

    Billet Aluminum Noise Plug for FST/TSI Engines

    Tired of that noise pipe, cluttering up your engine bay. Or do you simply want your cabin to be less nosy. Perhaps you are sick of those $3 pipe plugs pop out of the TB pipe and denting your hood. Here is your solution. A billet aluminum noise plug! What this plug is designed to do is...
  4. porpoise hork

    OEM bi-xenon headlight updrage DIY

    This is an in progress DIY about improving the light output and beam of the factory bi-xenon headlights. It is a work in progreess and I will update it with better pics and more detail. But this contains the information you will need for doing this upgrade. As we all know the beam pattern and...
  5. porpoise hork

    Billet Aluminum "Raven" FSI Noise plug goup buy

    The group buy has ended, if you wish to purchase one of these plugs please see this thread. Thanks, B
  6. porpoise hork

    be sure to drink your Ovaltine.... aka CRAAAAP!

    been getting the occasional fuel cut so I decided to inspect my cam follower yesterday. and im glad i did. I got the HPFP off and looked inside.. what do i see? instead of the back side of a cam follower I see the cam lobe. scored and gouged all to crap. the entire top of the follower has been...
  7. porpoise hork

    what do you get when you hand a blonde keys to a Bently?

    This.. :biggrin:
  8. porpoise hork

    looking to upgrade valences need opinions.

    im going to be doing some upgrades to the skirts.. I have a set of Votex skirts already (not on car yet) but I missed out on the Votex rear valence sale ECS had going on. :mad: So i was thinking something along the lines of this. for the rear...
  9. porpoise hork

    If you live near Houston TX DONT go to VW of Jersey Village

    On September 6th I brought my car in for a simple oil change service. After waiting for approximately an hour and a half I went to see what the delay was. I went to the service manager David Mizler to see if he could find out why it takes nearly 2 hours. His first response was "I dunno" and...