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    car crashed after cluster lights up

    hey guys, just crashed my car... I am ok but the car isn't my cluster lighted up with abs , esp and I think power steering also, right after I felt like the abs locked up ,car spun and went into a parked truck in reverse at about 60 mph car was fine before the accident , no cells at all , never...
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    headlight bracket broke

    Hit a major bump at about 30 mph This happens Anyone else have this happen How did you fix it I was thinking epoxy
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    picture request of Fire Extinguisher in the mkv

    just wondering who as them in their car,,, thinking of putting one in my car
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    Let's see your stickers/decals

    Not on the car anymore Nothing vw related
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    o2 sensor port 1

    hey guy so my o2 sensor in port 1 has gone bad... no big deal easy fix... thing is I had the one in port 3 go bad about 1000 miles ago and the bastard mechanic charged me 200 just for the sensor. was wondering 2 things, where do you guys buy o2 sensors and if anyone knows where port 1 is on the...
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    Should I paint my roof black ?

    My roof is getting worked on because of a hail storm here on long island. I drive a candy white. I'm painting my lowers candy white , but I keep debating on the black roof. Same black as on the grill. What do you people think ?
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    I miss my GTI

    On 8/1/11 my car was crashed into at a gas station. I was pulling into the pump when some idiot with his work van decides to cut through the gas station doesn't see me and takes me out. Damage to my gti hood bent enough to get a new one drivers fender , garbage drivers rear quarter as a small...
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    Mkv owners boycott BP gas please

    In the last 40 days we have seen the problem in the gulf grow into something that should of never been. There is too much finger pointing going on. Everyday we see images of poor helpless animals covered in oil. Most will not survive. Please don't pump bp gas into your car. Also tell your...
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    H&R supersports & koni yellows

    hey guys , how do you think she looks , THX
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    H&R supersports and koni yellows

    Have the springs , shocks where shipped today , can't wait to install. Anyone with the same setup have any input on the stiffness level of the shocks. Any input is appreciated. What u have them set at , the ride , how's the body roll on parkway ramps, do you rub at all , or bottom out , etc. Thx
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    Water in my trunk

    What's up. If anyone has any info please tell me. I got a flat about 2 days ago , went to het my spare and discovered a swiming pool. There is water in the space where the spare is. Has anyone had this exerience. My car was bought in January of 09 , it's just a little over a year old and I...
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    Driver side door doesn't line up

    My drivers door is not closing all the way. I have a 2 door and where the door meets the center panel that separates the back window and the door there's a gap. Water comes into the car now. I don't slam my door. My car is just over a year old. My question is , if I take it to dealer , can...
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    Rear defrost makes radio go crazy

    When I turn on the rear defrost my stations turn to static. Anyone have any input on this. Thx
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    Forza 3

    Forza 3 is out. What are your thoughts on the game ?
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    Does the spare tire have a pressure sensor ?

    I'm wondering if the spare tire has a sensor for tire pressure on it ?
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    since when is Platinum vw a apr dealer ?

    They are on apr as a dealer. Anyone know anything about it ? It's new to me , might go talk to them tomorow.
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    Where are the jettas made

    Can anyone tell me with proof if the jettas are made in Mexico. I told a co worker is car was made in Mexico and I want to prove it.
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    I'm an idiot

    So I leave work and I go to make the right hand turn I've taken thousands of times before . I guess I cut the wheel too much and hit my right rear wheel on the curb. Wheel is fucked , a quarter of it scratched it looks like I don't know how to park. Park I can guess I forgot how to take a right...
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    Got pulled over by ny state trooper

    Coolest cop I've ever met. I guess he was a couple of Cars behind me and I didn't see him. I was coming to my exit and half a mile before the exit I punched it. As I am putting my blinker to get off the parkway I see the lights come on And I see it's a state trooper so my first thought is. "...