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  1. Latron

    Burning oil at 1qt per 400 miles

    Awesome! Thanks! I figured at 120,xxx wear still shouldn't be bad but with the oil issues you never know.
  2. Latron

    Burning oil at 1qt per 400 miles

    ROH ECHT, When you did the rod bearings did you use the standard size or slightly over sized? I am about the mileage you are and I am re-doing my head and gonna replace rings and rod bearings while I am there.
  3. Latron

    MKV FSI w/ DSG died on me while driving! HELP!

    If they could charge your battery then it is not your battery. The red battery light is the charging system, not your battery. Take it to an auto parts store and they can check your alternator for you in the car. It checks your whole charging system.
  4. Latron

    MKV FSI w/ DSG died on me while driving! HELP!

    Sounds like your alternator has gone out. I just replaced mine a month ago. The red battery light it the charging system fault light. Both times my alternator went out it did that. The batt light came on then all of the electrical stuff on the car starts to do weird things. Also when the battery...
  5. Latron

    Burning oil at 1qt per 400 miles

    Valve cover and PCV would be the next step. I would replace the PCV valve, it is a common issue. Then the valve cover after that if that doesn't work. If that isn't the issue it could still be the piston rings. The FSI has oil ring issues. It will pass a compression test no problem but the oil...
  6. Latron

    2008 GTI 2.0 FSI 147Kw BPY - Where does this hose go????

    It's all good man. Sometimes you just need a second set of eyes to see something right in front of you. Plus your new to the platform so it can be a bit intimidating trying to figure it out. Welcome to VW and the group.
  7. Latron

    2008 GTI 2.0 FSI 147Kw BPY - Where does this hose go????

    On your last pick, it looks like it goes there on the right pipe, to the right of the compressor??
  8. Latron

    Front plate freedom day!!!

    I grew up in Ohio but moved 5 years ago to Texas. I didn't have a front plate for the longest time up there because my car came from Indiana and wasn't drilled for it. I got pulled over once for no front plate but luckily the cop let me off. Glad for you guys!! Now if Texas can just follow suit.
  9. Latron

    What do you miss from your previous car?

    I miss the sound of my last car. 2009 Eclipse GT 6 speed. Had a custom exhaust. Also it used no oil EVER!! 160,xxx miles and it would go 7500 miles with no oil used. Most reliable car Ive ever owned.
  10. Latron

    CTS billet valve cover.

    Has anybody ever used this? I have seen the Integrated Engineering one but saw this recently and its on sale now.
  11. Latron

    Mk5 gti afr gauge help

    Are you sure it is a narrowband? You would want a wideband for AFR, and normally they come with the sensor you have to add into the exhaust. Why do you want to see your AFR? Are you wanting to tune?
  12. Latron

    Loaded question..What does your screen name mean?

    Ok this is the best name story I've seen. Mine is boring. It was a nickname in high school. Don't even know how it came about, it just happened and stuck.
  13. Latron

    Headlight leveling motor removal.

    Has anyone ever replaced the headlight leveling motors in the xenon headlights? I've had one not working since I got the car. Do you have to remove the lens to get it out? Thanks for any help.
  14. Latron

    How much worse is your winter MPG?

    I see the same thing with my car. I get an average of 29/30 during the summer but when it drops down below 50 its around 25/26. But that also is when winter gas mix hits too so I think that's part of it. When colder you are also in open loop driving for longer and during that you run richer and...
  15. Latron

    Valve guide seals?

    When you did all of that did you use the OEM rings? And did you hone/de-glaze the cylinders? What did you do for the Break in period after the rebuild?
  16. Latron

    What hose is this?

    Looks like a coolant hose (#7) to the auxiliary coolant pump(#8). Its the pump that runs coolant after you shut off your car for a while. At least it is on the BPY GTI motor.
  17. Latron

    Valve guide seals?

    Yeah I am already looking at doing the rings at the same time when I pull the head off. I have actually watched your video and read your post on that. I replaced my valve cover about 10 months ago and have gone through and replaced the PCV system. I wish I had the money to drop in some good...
  18. Latron

    Valve guide seals?

    So I have been searching the forums and I'm pretty sure my valve seals are bad. I have smoke on high vacuum (decelerating from speed) and when I accelerate after if I do not stop and sit for a second. However I do not have smoke on cold start and its only after my car has warmed up. Does this...
  19. Latron

    Less power with updated APR tunes?

    Yeah I saw it and was like huh? I would be pissed if I went stage 2 and lost power.
  20. Latron

    Less power with updated APR tunes?

    So I stumbled upon this thread today. My car is APR stage 1 from 2009/2010. I have installed a downpipe and was planning to go stage 2 here soon, but according to this I would loose some power or torque? Just...