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    Blue or black?

    I want some opinions on my grille. Currently it is black. After shaving the front I'm debating between painting the grille shadow blue or leaving it black. I had it plasti dipped but just took it off to re-dip it and haven't done anything with it since I can't make up my mind. If I leave it...
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    North Carolina Tar Heels Jersey #20

    I have an authentic Nike North Carolina Tar Heels jersey for sale. It's a large +2 length. All numbers are tackle twill sticked. This was worn once for (work) shoot and has been sitting in my closet since. It's in great condition. I'm not a big college football fanatic, I went to art school, so...
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    my shadow blue rabbit

    I'm Dan and I've lurked on here for a while and thought is was about time to post pics of my rabbit Hans. It's a work in progress but it's coming along. So with that I say hello n'at. (excuse the fucked up driveway, it's in the process of getting widened and re-asphalted.)
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    Dat Ass Thread

    my shadow blue rabbit
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    Mac keyboard & mouse.

    please delete. sold.
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    A few mkv things for sale.

    I cleaned out my garage this past weekend and came across a few things from my rabbit that are up for grabs. This stuff is available for local pickup/ meet or can be shipped at buyers expense. I'm located in Pittsburgh. Stock mirror caps : shadow blue $40 Conical seat wheel locks. Bought these...
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    500GB hard drive

    I used this hard drive once to hold some photography files. (No it wasn't porn. I swear) Great drive to back up work or use as an external. Comes in original box with usb and firewire ports, cables and manual. Same as this one: Looking for...
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    MauiJim Sunglasses: Aloha Friday

    I'm selling a new and hardly worn set of MauiJim sunglasses. I picked these up as an impulse buy while on vacation in Hawaii and haven't worn them since. I paid 309 and some change for them. Looking to get $200...comes with case and cleaning cloth. The style is Aloha Friday. The frame color is...
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    Advice on a drop.

    Now that spring is here I'm looking to drop my Rabbit. It's my daily so I'm looking for something that provides a 2" drop (roughly) with a comfortable ride. I've been considering these 2 setups and wanted to hear what you guys thought. I'm not looking to drop a ton of money but want a quality...
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    FS Kilo TT Pro Fixed Gear

    SOLD. This is a feeler. Pale gold Kilo TT Pro frame, 57, all black components. Trans X bullhorns, no brakes. Black carbon fork. Velocity Deep V's w/ Formula hubs. Black Izumi chain. Sugino crank. Bontrager stem. Newer Vittoria tires, put them on in April, haven't ridden the bike since early...
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    Depo Projector headlights

    I picked up a set of headlights a few months back from, I'm not too happy with them. Tons of flaws, flickering and leveling issues. So now i'm looking for a solid replacement for my '07 Rabbit since. I was looking at these: Does anyone have this set on their mkv...
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    MKV Wallpaper

    I'm new to the forum and wanted to share a few hi-res wallpapers I made. This is my first upload. Need to get some pictures of my rabbit up here as well. Enjoy.