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  1. bill6211789

    Volksbahn 2013

    Im kinda late posting here but, After a great first year in 2012, we're back again for 2013. The Show is this Sunday, Sept 8th, 2013 @ the same location as last yea the Castle in the Clouds 455 Old Mountain Road, Moultonborough, New Hampshire 03254 its about a 3hr ride from Albany, it was...
  2. bill6211789

    Clutch/Transmission issue

    Soo did the Clutch Master FX300 clutch for the first 500 or so miles everything was great then 1st, 2nd, and reverse started being temperamental. 1st issue. Shifting into first from a stand still i will be blocked out of first, shifting from second to first will somtimes let me get into...
  3. bill6211789

    Changed clutch and car will not go into gear

    i changed my clutch today and got everything back together and the car will not go back into gear when running. when the car is off it will go into all the gears Clutch used was a South bends stage 2 endurance clutch so the flywheel and whatnot were all changed I really dont want to have to...
  4. bill6211789

    NAMJAM! North American Motorsports Euro event! Event info Should be a great get together, there will be food, music, and other fun! free to get in and view cars :happyanim:, 10$ if you want to show. If you'd like to show ur car pre-register here (only ~100 spots)...
  5. bill6211789

    HPFP Upgrades DIY pump!

    So i was on here looking around and i found a thread but this company HPFP UPGRADE. reading through all the information about his new rebuild kit i was very impressed this guy knows his stuff. He has been doing lots of testing on pump dynos, hes taken all the competitors pumps and basically...
  6. bill6211789

    Uni Stage 2 HPFP vs EVO VIII

    So what would you think the outcome will be of my UNI Stage 2 HPFP Passat with all the mods listed in my sig...(yes i know Passat only ~200lbs more then a MK5 tho) vs a Evo VIII Kid was very cocky when he heard passat with a 2.0t (he asked VR6 and when he was told no he laughed) he wont say...
  7. bill6211789

    Unitronic V.S. APR Review

    So this is my first post on here, i know im not a MKV driver i have a B6 passat but 75% of the cars are the same. and id say 90% of the DIYs ive used for any engine, suspension, and ect.. mods are for MKVs so i figured it was time to join. My cars a 2006 B6 passat with the 2.0t FSI engine (6...