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    Where are my exhaust buffs? I need your help

    So after getting my new wheels (VMR V701s) I started noticing an increase in the number of panties being dropped when I roll by (see the below exhibits..what do you guys think? do you like?) My next questions is addressed to all my exhaust experts out there...The other day my now very...
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    Need some opinions on tire sizing

    Ok guys so after almost a week of non stop searching I am almost out of brain cells. I need to buy some new tires and I have decided to pick up some new wheels as well. My car has a very modest 2" drop on adjustable coils... the other day i looked at my front right tire and it was in really bad...
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    Who knows their wheels?

    K so I m in love with the VMR V715 wheels but they are discontinued and I can't find a place that still has them. Can anyone who knows their stuff tell me if there is a replica of that wheel or something identical to it please!?!? This is what they look like...
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    Mkv vs. Genesis?

    K here is a COOL STORY BROS......Just a few min ago coming down 85 south I see 2 super blue HIDs coming up fast so I step on it as he is about to pass so I can get a glimpse of what car it is. As soon as the guy sees me staying with him he lets off the gas a sec. To me it looks like a very...
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    who knows suspension

    Ok so i have a brand new set of coilovers installed on my car and I am hearing some weird noises. There is a "clunk" noise sometimes when i turn the wheel. I took the wheels off and inspected everything. My springs looked as if the tire rubbed on them because the paint on a few coils was...
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    Do you think this shock is blown?

    Hey guys what do you think is this shock blown or what? I am comparing my 6 year old stock shock to the 6 month old JOM shocks.
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    MKV vs. R1

    K so here is a cool story bros....My buddy has a 04 R1 with some extensive work done to it (port polished heads, high compress pistons, cams, k&n intake, full leo vance exhaust, sprocket kit, extended 8 inches, titanium vlave springs and retainers). I have a STOCK MKV GTI. He wants to race me...
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    HELP!!! Is there a Vdub guru in here who can help???

    Ok I am frustrated with a mystery problem no one seems to be able to solve or explain. Here is the background info..... I have a 6 spd MKV GTI (FSI motor) with 40k miles and no mods except for an intake, Forge DV spacer, boost gauge and a catch can. I recently did the maintenance on it and went...
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    HELP!!! Stealthbox install

    K guys I have searched and searched for the past week and still have not been able to find what im about to ask. A while back i saw a DIY on a side mount stealthbox install for a JL sub in some thread on here. I cant find it again to save my life. It was basically the install of a side mount...
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    Ok so the other day at work one of my buddies comes up and tells me that a friend of his wants to run his Corolla XRS against my stock GTI cause he thinks he can walk me....i respond by an uncontrollable laughter outburst but then i see he is being serious so we go to the Corolla owner because I...
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    HElp me identify this rim!!!!

    Can anyone tell me what kind of rims are on this car? I have searched online for hours and it's driving me crazy!!! It seems like a 8 split spoke rim with a small lip. Can anyone either tell me what kind those are or if you find anything identical tell me the name? I would really appreciate...
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    GTI vs. S2K

    Not a very impressive story but it surprised me nonetheless. This was my first time "racing" the GTI against any car since I got it this summer and I was very happy with the results. Being a former Z owner and used to RWD I did not know what to expect but the lil GTI was pretty much a porn...
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    HELP!!! Anyone who knows or has a JL W7 sub

    K so this is probably very random but I just got a stealth box today and I am looking to take my 10W7 from its old box and install it in the new box....This turned out to be a hard ass thing to do. I took the clamp-ring off very easily but then in order to detach the sub from the box I guess I...