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    sold my car today. now onto a tt or s4
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    DIY: Dip all the cars

    1 sprayer 3 Gallons of Dip (or more) (tints optional) 2 rolls of painters tape (or more) 7 9x12ft plastic cloth (or more) wash car, tape it up, put bags in large areas and walls if you want to make the clean up easy, dip car, peel off tape. Total time from start to finish: 5 Hours :thumbsup...
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    FS/FT: 16" to 17" step up rotiform BBS RS's

    17x9 et20ish 215/40's 17x10 et25ish 215/45's 5x114.3 $3300 obo tires are brand new front and rear wheels were powder coated in march, lips and barrels were purchased in march. brand new center caps brand new bolts almost 100% positive these are the only 16 to 17" step up rotiform wheels in the...
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    Traction control light flashing!

    Tried searching but really confused! Just had my car on jack stands while working on it like normal but didnt touch the front at all.. When i started driving my wheel was turned like 30 degrees driving straight and then the traction control light kept flashing. My car slightly needed an...
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    ha build thread

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    FS: K&N intake heat shield box

    $30 shipped
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    FS: Premium 7 Radio and Sirus

    FS: 110 shipped for both SOLD everything works and i got the radio code the price is low cause i need the money and need to sell fast :thumbsup:
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    FS: 16" BBS RS FACES, hardware, hex caps, and center caps!

    16inch BBS RS Faces powder coated mint 5x114.3 brand new bolts and nuts brand new 1/4 hight hex caps brand new polished/white center caps NO PICTURES YET, THEY ARE STILL BEING POWDER COATED I had big plans for these wheels but other things have got in the way these are perfect for a custom...
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    5x114.3 m12 wheels on my 5x112 m14 hub

    i have bbs rs's that are almost finished being redone but they are 5x114.3 and the holes are m12. i have a mkv so clearly im 5x112 m14 i need opinions please! my options are bore out the wheels to be m14 and buy wobble bolts or buy m14 to m12 studs and then run m12 wobble nuts I like...
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    iPhone 5 Polishing question

    Ive read you can polish your iphone 4 band to a mirror finish like this and i have read you can polish the bezel on the iphone 5 like this but does anyone know if you can polish the whole band on the iPhone 5? i want to try it but i...
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    FS: Like new .:R line Winter monster mats

    .:R Line Monster rubber floor mats, set of 4 used for a month tops round clips paid $100 for these GONE REFERENCE
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    MKVI GLI Seats in MKV GTI

    Anyone done it yet? I just traded my MKVI GTI seats for tree_hugger's MKVI GLI seats we put his in last night but im not putting mine in for a month or so (cars in garage for winter) The fronts went in no problem and we only had to take out the latches in the rear for the rears to fit. He has...
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    FS: BBS RS 16inch LIPS, BARRELS, HEX CAPS, And Center Caps!

    4 center caps (Black and gold) $40 SOLD 136 bolts and nuts $100 SOLD 4 hex caps $50 SOLD 2 1.5 inch slant lips $100 SOLD 2 1 inch lips $60 SOLD 4 5.5 and 6inch barrels $200 SOLD THESE PRICES ARE, OR BEST OFFER. Im trying to sell all of these asap so i will deal! EDIT: I CAN DO THE BOLTS AND...
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    FS: 5x112 to 5x114.3 15mm Adapters

    $100 shipped! Everything included
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    Show us your aftermarket steering wheel

    Been doing a lot of searching and cant find much at all so if anyone has one please post it up, what size is it, and what hub your using! :thumbsup:
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    Well my luck, popped a bag today

    So my car is stuck at school popped a rear airlift bag. Bag riders is gonna send me a new one and should be here wednesday Broad question.. but does anyone know all the specific tools ill need when i replace it. i wanna bring just what i need since my cars at school not in my garage...
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    WTT: Jetta Wolfsburg Grille set for GTI Grille set

    GONE Bagged MKV by AJGottron, on Flickr 2008 VW GTI by AJGottron, on Flickr :thumbsup: