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    vinyl car wrap DIY

    is 60" by 40' enough vinyl to wrap a GTI?
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    Got my system in

    Very satisftied with the equipment Got my 10" JL w3 in 500 watt kicker amp and Bluetooth mic and bass nob looking good sounding GREAT< i love this deck because u can change the colors to look stock
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    Where do I find this bulb?

    Im looking for the center bulb for the dome light, I have a 2006 vwmkv where can I find it ? part number? thanks
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    Is this a good deal?

    Just bought a double din aftermarket stereo for my gti, Will I need all of these items in the package? Is this a good deal?
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    Check this unit out

    im buying it and planning on putting it in, What do I all need to be ready to install? what kind of amp? where do I get the wire harness? what all do i need to get ? help me!
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    will this unit fit in my car? looking to order this unit, will it fit in my car?
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    gti mk5 2006 do I need a new deck? PLEASE ANSWER

    Do i need a new deck to rum some subwoofers? if I have the subs and amp can I use my subs with my factory deck ?
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    just got some subs what kind of amp should I get

    got these to 12s for a badass deal in the box, what kind of amp should I get? thanks
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    Where should I start?

    Would like to put some money into my 06 gti dont know what I should get first? What are the first things I should get if im trying to get some more HP, plus I have a warranty so they need to be things I can get that wont interfere with it
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    HELP weird sound !

    weird vibrating sound coming from the vents the windshield on passenger side, Happens from time to time when im driving with ac on or off. Any ideas of what it might be? or how to fix it? thanks
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    how Do i connect my phone to my car?

    just got a blackberry , how do I connect my phone to my car bluetooth . I have 2006 mkv gti
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    help weird sound coming from ac

    so randomly last week this weird sound coming form my ac when its on or off. Almost sounds like something is vibrating, Only happends when the car is moving. The plastic pieces that make the ac vents move broke along time ago and fell into the AC I think it might be some of those pieces...
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    so the first week of having mh mk5 gti 3 of the four ac knobs that help you direct the air fell off and the two center ones fell into the ac vents. Recently while driving i hear a sound like something is vibrating around in the ac. How do I take off the dash around the AC to get in there and get...
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    new deck questions

    Need a new deck in my mk5 so I can use my ipod, 2 questions What are my options on getting an aftermarket deck but still beign able to use my steering wheel controls? and also What kind of amp should I be shopping for? I will need a new amp right?
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    window buttons peeling

    My window button on my drivers side door doesnt look so good. The rubber layer has peeled off exposing the white plastic beneath it.Any Ideas to make it look good again? HOLLA