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    Leftover GTI parts and other car accessories

    I have a few pieces left from my GTI: Front mud flaps, no hardware, $20 shipped Pair of stock rear hatch struts and original hardware, $20 shipped New blackout smoke tint from, 12"x60" $15 shipped New red smoke tint film from, 12"x36" $10 shipped Used drop in engine air...
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    FS: Premium 8 antenna adapter

    My Premium 8 deal went south and I got an antenna adapter laying around that I don't need. Still a little new to sell one the forums outright so here's the ebay listing if you're interested...
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    Need opinions: double fogs

    Ok, I don't know how many of you have seen the new e class benz but certain "elegance" models have 2 fogs in each grill, one actual fog light, one drl, 4 lights total. Now, not that I want turn the gti into a benz, but what do you think of this in the fog grill? What say you? Too much...