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    WTB stock OEM or equivlent exhaust system Northeast

    I need one too, if anyone has one. I need one for a 2008 Rabbit 2.5
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    NEEDED: Wiring Diagrams for TPMS, Brake sensor and cluster (maybe ABS?)

    2008 Rabbit 4 door is lighting up the TPMS light on sudden maneuvers only. No fault stored. It also lit up the brake wear indicator light, but only temporarily (no fault stored). Is there a place I can easily access a wiring diagram to try and see if there is a common denominator somewhere (ie...
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    Audi A3 steering wheel into VW Rabbit

    Tried to install steering wheel from an audi A3 into a 08 Rabbit. The Rabbit is just a vinyl wheel without controls. I swapped everything - the clock spring, steering module and wheel/airbag. The result was "no communication" of the steering angle sensor. The shifters actually worked but the...
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    Have two of these left, one on the east coast, one on the west. Brand new in box. Part Number: MMRAD-MAC-06 $220 shipped to continental US
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    wtb: RED rear bumper - complete for 2008 Rabbit

    Mother's car got rear ended.. needs a new bumper and probably the foam and rebar. Will take GTI or Rabbit bumpers, prefer in the North-East. Needs to be red, really don't want to re-paint it.. This is the BEFORE pic. don't have one for after the accident yet.
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    FEELER: 08.5 GTI 4 door, RED, TSI 6-speed, leather/sunroof/NAV/HUFFs

    FS: 08.5 GTI 4 door, RED, TSI 6-speed, leather/sunroof/NAV/HUFFs 2008.5 with TSI motor 20K miles 6-speed manual Sunroof, Huffs and Leather seats BRAND NEW Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110 tires. Almost completely stock with the following minor exceptions: Rear turn indicators blink amber in a...
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    WTB: Stock GTI wheels 18"

    Bought some wheels today, thanks all
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    Most of you will probably think I'm crazy

    And I'm used to that. I installed my interlagos interior into my mother's '08 Rabbit and they looks awesome with the otherwise bland gray interior. Just finished installing her Gray seats into my GTI. This was to be a temporary measure while I find me some euro interlagos, but I think I might...
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    CBFA vs. CCTA

    My GTI has the engine code CBFA, which seems to be the SULEV version of the CCTA, which is ULEV.. I cannot find ANY information on what the differences are, and am hoping that someone here knows? I'm just afraid that all the mods will be for the CCTA and not fit mine thanks in advance.