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  1. DBL0ZRO

    Why dont my inside headlights ever come on?

    It seems like only the headlights closest to the outside of the car ever come on. Whats going on with the headlights that are closes to the grill? Do those things ever turn on?
  2. DBL0ZRO

    different years = different springs?

    Hey all, According to the scca rule book, we can swap our stock springs for any other year GTi springs. My question is, are there other years that have a higher spring rate or lower ride height that I can swap on to my 07 GTi relatively easily? I plan on doing it in combination with...
  3. DBL0ZRO

    Black Smoke during last AUTOX event

    Hey all, During my last AutoX a friend of mine noticed 'puffs' of black smoke out of my exhaust on each rev. Just to give some background, I did an event on Friday and Saturday. I checked my Oil Level on Thursday night and I was full just to the upper shoulder on the Oil Dip Stick. After...
  4. DBL0ZRO

    Rust looking spots

    Hey All, After sometime in storage and moving and lots of automatic car washes my concience lulled me back to hand washing my GTi. This picture is what I found. I've got tons of little rust looking spots ALL OVER THE CAR. They are the worst on the rear hatch. What is this? How do I remove...
  5. DBL0ZRO

    Autocross Pads

    Whats everyone's favorite Autocross Brake Pad? I want something for AutoX and the Street. I was looking at Hawk HP+ but, they are really expensive compared to EBC and PBR Metal Master. I dont have any experience with the EBCs or the PBRs. The old HP+s I had were great but, If there is an...
  6. DBL0ZRO

    G STOCK-> Is a Front Sway Bar a good idea?

    In the past I always thought that you would want a softer front swaybar and a stiffer rear swaybar for autocross to increase rotation. But, in STOCK Class you cant modify the rear swaybar so I've seen people go with softer front swaybars (back when I was racing a nissan). Is a Front SwayBar...
  7. DBL0ZRO

    New Race Tires = New Noise while hard cornering

    So, I just got a new set of Kumho V710s on Enkei RPF1s and took them to the Autocross for the first time this Easter Sunday (Happy Easter!). While cornering really hard my wife and I both experienced a hard "CLUNKing" when turning in both directions. Sometimes even multiple "CLUNKs." My...
  8. DBL0ZRO


    Hey All, I just got my set of 17x7.5 et48 Enkei RPF1s from the postman and I want to get them on the car for a pic but, The wheels came with this message.... "IMPORTANT! This wheel is supplied with an installed centering ring. The centering ring may not be retained in this wheel if you change...
  9. DBL0ZRO

    Half-Price Kuhmo's on

    I just picked up a set of 4 V710s for less than $400 with heat cycling! Great deal. They also got the V700s for like $79! A steal. I also purchased a set of Enkei RPF1 17x7.5 +48 for G Stock. I cant wait to get the wheels and tires on the car and kick some butt in a couple weeks. I was...
  10. DBL0ZRO

    Billstein: Sport vs HD

    Anyone tried both or have experience with both? I AutoX my DD in G Stock and want a great shock that I wont regret driving daily through pot hole ridden New Jersey. From what I have read it looks like the HD is a little softer than the Sport. Does anyone have any real life experience or...
  11. DBL0ZRO

    post your most recent pic from an event you did...

    Me at the last Hawaii SCCA AutoX. The minis all kick my ass, but, tomorrow I get another go at 'em.