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  1. NJdubber

    Turbosmart DV

    Anyone try one of these yet?
  2. NJdubber

    WTB: FSI HPFP Bamboo/Barbed fitting.

    Looking for a barbed fitting with washer from an FSI HPFP. PM, if you have one. :bow: :help:
  3. NJdubber

    Subframe mounts, which one are you running?

    So I've got the VF-Engineerinf full mount set and I still feel the subframe can still use a bit of improvement. I'm really leaning towards the VMR mount for the subframe since its solid. Anyone have any experience with it??
  4. NJdubber

    Eurodyne Maestro - Tuning

    Anyone in the Tri-state really comfortable tuning in Maestro, would like to get some insight.
  5. NJdubber

    WTB: 3'' Cat-back Exhaust

    PM, if you got one for sale. :thumbsup:
  6. NJdubber

    ECU/ECM Cloning

    Was wondering, what tools and software are needed to clone an ECM to have for back up reasons.
  7. NJdubber


    Looking for a spare ECU/ECM FSI BPY 6-Speed . PM if you have one! :help:
  8. NJdubber

    WTB: Trans bracket - 1K0199117AC

    Just like the title states, looking for a transmission bracket from an MKV part 1K0199117AC. If anyone has one or can point in the right direction it would be most appreciated. :smile:
  9. NJdubber

    TT-RS Front Brakes

    Curious to see if these Calipers will bolt up to our cars.. As per ECS the rotors are 370mmx32mm :eyebulge: If anyone has a set out there or is going that route, wouldn't mind hearing some feedback..
  10. NJdubber

    Dyno - Tristate area

    Anyone know where I can take my A3 to get dyno'd around the way?
  11. NJdubber

    Brake pad low pad warning light

    Does anyone know on vag-com how to disable the brake pad warning?
  12. NJdubber

    FSI Design and Function Manual

    Sharing this information which my fellow forum members since these cars can be a pain in the ass at times. Enjoy!
  13. NJdubber

    Fuel Cut Issue - Could definitely use some help

    So this is the DTC that continues to plague me : 1 Fault Found: 012555 - Low Pressure Fuel regulation P310B - 008 - Fuel Pressure Outside Specification - Intermittent - MIL ON Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 10101000 Fault...
  14. NJdubber

    WTB: Banjo fitting HPFP

    I am looking for the actual fitting that is attached to the HPFP (not the bolt) , if anyone has it please PM. :bow:
  15. NJdubber

    KMD Titanium CarboNitride HPFP Review

    So i bit the bullet and recently purchased the new KMD pump that Unitronic tested for quite some time. I'm not creating this thread to bash anyone nor do i ask for any negativity, it's a simple review/experience with their new pump kit. The nightmare banjo bolt getting slayed : The kit...
  16. NJdubber

    APR Rear Sway Bar Noise

    Anyone that has this bar or a similar bar have squeaking issues while going over bumps? I installed it less than a month ago and greased it twice and it still squeaks, hoping someone has some good info for me. Thanks in advance!
  17. NJdubber

    FS: Vogtland Springs

    A set of Vogtland springs for a 2006-2008 MKV GTI FWD , part # 950007 which lower the car 40mm (1.6'') . I've used them for roughly 10,000 miles, the only reason they are being replaced is for coilovers.. I'm asking $115 shipped, or $95 if we meet up locally. Here is a shot of my car with them...
  18. NJdubber

    KMD's *NEW* HPFP Kit Who's gonna be the first one out there to try it?? :fighting0030:
  19. NJdubber

    Autotech fuel pump installation

    thanks for your insight on this specific pump. I'm sticking with the stock K03 for now so it looks like the AT pump it is, since the dealer just replaced my cam and cam follower less than 3k miles ago they said fuel pump was perfect. Unfortunately i do have the banjo style, i should be able to...
  20. NJdubber

    Autotech fuel pump installation

    How do you feel about this pump since you've installed plenty of these??