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  1. geboost07

    who is partying at h20?

    So long story short!, me and my battle, both vw fiends, came to h20 to party. Hurricane is gone, but these young people dont know how to party. Im hoping we can seperate ourselves from this group if there is a legit party happening. Sorry to reach out to my fellow dubers like this but come the...
  2. geboost07

    looking for stock shocks

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, im wondering if anyone has a full set of shocks in their garage they are trying ti get rid of. It seems I blew out my rear right schocks and im looking for replacements. I drive an 06 gti and looking for the same or even the r 32 setup. Thx guys, I also live in the...
  3. geboost07

    finally in cali

    What's going on fellow forum members!, I finally moved to cali from germany and my mkv is hurting!!!. I am living in the barstow area and I cannot find a dealer anywhere, let me give you guys a quick rundown of the issues with my baby. When I hit it on the highway and I come to a stop it sounds...
  4. geboost07

    audi pwns vw again

    well! i think i know what im going to save for now!. and spy shots
  5. geboost07


    when is the next GTG? im coming home mid aug so i need to start some plans!!. i need some intel residentevol, when is the nelf golf5gti treffen? i cant access the forums from out here in iraq.
  6. geboost07

    GOLF R36

    here is a bad ass Golf R36, here is the link to the site. They took the Touareg engine and put it in an R32! Enjoy. Note: German language is a little backwards in the way they would do sentence...
  7. geboost07

    the end of the world???

    I would just like to hear you guys opinion on this matter. the earth quake in Haiti which caused a normal earth day to end what, 3 seconds earlier?. A small earth quake in California, plus one in china!. Volcano erupting in Iceleand, scientist speculate it will cause the other 2 to erupt as...
  8. geboost07

    any life in Barstow?

    just wondering what the dub scene is out that way.
  9. geboost07

    FT. Irwin area

    whats going on guys! i have a question!. what is the MKV sceen like at FT. Irwin (for you guys in the area)?. i am due to pcs there early next year so i was trying to see what i get myself into.
  10. geboost07

    is germany still alive

    whats up guys? just wandering if we are still alive in this section?.
  11. geboost07

    70000 miles

    And my car still looks, feels, and rides like new! I have so far STG 1 chip plus intake and everything still works perfectly. I would have thought honestly I would have wanted to sell it at 50000 but this car just feels great. The only thing that sucked so far high miling my car was the 60000...
  12. geboost07


    Q: on an all wheel drive system you loose a significant amount of horses to all 4 wheels correct? if thats true either the R20 has more then 270hp seeing as how the uk is rating it at 266bhp! now brake horsepower means the amount of hp being used at the wheels correct?. attached is the...
  13. geboost07

    06 mkv gti v.s. a5 3.2 quattro

    ok so every morning on my way to work i see this black a5 come haulin ass on my rear. so this morning i decide to see what he has. my specs are stg 1 chip and evoms cai and i believe he is stock. so we hit this 5km construction zone right before the autobahn turns into a speed limitless zone for...
  14. geboost07

    mileage turbo swap question

    has anyone with high mileage ever had their turbo switched with a new like?. like say after 60k or somethin they change out the turbo? i was just wondering.
  15. geboost07

    for sale

    i have 4 brand new 18x8 vmf motoring gunmetal rims fresh in the box and i want to sell them. i just got back from deployment and im not sure if im going to keep my car. the price is 900 and ill even meet you halfway on the pick up and dropoff site. my number is 016093197436 ask for Q.
  16. geboost07

    im back!!!!!!!

    been back for about a week and lovin it!!!. i look forward to seeing you guys sometime when it warms up!.
  17. geboost07

    vf engine mounts

    i have a question for anyone running the vf engine mounts. is there a lot of vibration when your at a light and your stopped?, and also do you have to continually tighten them down after you've installed them?. thanks
  18. geboost07

    kw v2 suspension

    does anyone have this installed on their gti?? i tried to do a search to find out whats the ride quality like so i would really like some feedback thank you
  19. geboost07

    yellow fog light covers

    where can i find them i notice a lot og gti's with the yellow fog lights. i dont mean the bulbs but the casing that houses the bulb. thanks felllas
  20. geboost07

    brembo rotors

    where can i buy just the rotors from im not interested in the big brake kit just the rotors