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    FMC Forged 19X9 Wheels - SOCAL - $300

    I'm selling 4 FMC forged aluminum wheels. They have a beautiful darkish grey finish that looks awesome. They are 19"x9" wheels with a 42mm offset. They are 114.3 bolt pattern, so you will need to buy some wobble bolts, ECS Tuning sells a set for $50. The wheels are in great shape, no real...
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    General performance car question

    Before purchasing my 08 GTI I was a huge Mustang fan; owned 4 V8 Mustangs in the last 12 years. I've had my GTI for almost a year now and while I really like the car, I haven't bonded with the FWD. Don't get me wrong, the car drives well and I get plenty of performance out of it, but I just...
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    FS: FMC Forged 18X8.5 wheels - SOCAL - $250

    FS: FMC Forged 18X8.5 wheels - SOCAL - $200 I'm selling 4 FMC forged aluminum wheels. They have polished aluminum areas that give it a nice chrome look and the center "fins" are painted metallic silver. They look great, especially rolling on a sunny day. They are 18"x8.5" wheels with a 40mm...
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    WTT wheels: Enkei RS7 18" wheels with Kumho Exta XS tires - SOCAL

    I installed a suspension yesterday and it sits SUPER low, lower than I expected and I'm worried my wheel/tire setup will have rubbing issues. I'm looking for some nice Huff/Detroit/whatever 18" wheel with a more stock like offset/thickness. What I've got: Enkei RS7 18"X7.5" et 35 5x112 wheels...
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    FS: American Racing Rogue wheels, fits GTI using wobble bolts: $250 SOCAL

    Looking for some help selling some wheels I had on my 2007 Mustang GT but they will fit a GTI, they are American Racing Rogue wheels: 18"x8.5" +40MM 5-114.3 bolt pattern They will fit a GTI with some wobble bolts (which I don't have). I used the wheels for less than 10k, they are in great...
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    FS: Perfect BBS Denvers with ContiPro Contact tires - SOCAL

    FS: Perfect BBS Denvers with ContiPro Contact tires - In West Hollywood tomorrow For sale: I have a set of BBS Denver's that are in near perfect condition, you can find one scratch if you really look for it (see picture) the rest of the wheels look mint. Includes ContiPro Contact tires...
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    WTB UG painted lowers, willing to include OEM lowers

    Title says it, looking for UG painted lowers, willing to pay $400 plus throw in my stock textered lowers. If you have a UG painted votex-style front lip I'd be willing to add another $150 to the deal. My lowers are in perfect condition, my car only has 40k miles almost all freeway. I live in...
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    Another "which suspension" thread

    Yep, I know, another "which suspension do you think works for me even though you don't know me, have never met me, and have no idea how I like to drive" thread. So here is the deal, I have a 08 GTI that is new to me, has just under 40k miles, and is totally stock. I just purchased some wheels...
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    Do I need to worry about this setup?

    Hey everyone, I know, pretty stupid asking this question AFTER purchasing the setup, but it was a good deal and I liked the wheels. I just bought some Enkei rs7's in 18x7.5 et 35 mounted with Kumho Ecsta XS 225/40s. The seller sent me some pics and said that I might have a little poke in...
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    Porsche wheels on a MKV

    Hey guys and gals, I have an 08 GTI and I have been searching for some wheels for it. I have been looking for a few months now and I don't have a big budget so I am looking for something used. I have not been able to find what I want, so I'm starting to branch out. I have always been a huge...
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    Recommendations for DVD-NAV head unit

    Greetings all, I have an 08 GTI 2-door with the factory multi-disk head unit. I hate it. It plays CDs fine, but I can't stand the technology (or lack thereof) in this car. I sold my 07 Mustang GT for the GTI and I'm amazed at how advanced the technology in my Ford was compared to the GTI...
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    WTB 18" 5X112 with tires - California

    I'm looking for some 18" wheels and tires for my '08 GTI. I want silver wheels with tires that have some tread life still. I love the factory style wheels, though I am open to anything as long as the wheels are silver. I can offer up to $800 for some nice wheels and tires. I also have a set of...
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    WTB 18" Rims 5X112 (California)

    I'm looking for some 18" rims and tires for my '08 GTI. I want silver rims with tires that have at least 50% tread life. I love Huff rims, R32 rims, RS4 rims, and anything BBS in style, but I'm open to just about anything as long as the setup doesn't weigh a metric ton. Unfortunately, I have...