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  1. irebound

    what did you do to your mkv today?

    Wrapped the VW emblem in carbon fiber vinyl.
  2. irebound

    HELP! Looking for MCU for WD6050

    Does anybody have the mcu_iap.img file for WD6050? I flashed my unit with the file from the lower resolution screen and now my screen is black. I need the MCU flash file for the 800x480 screen. I've tried contacting waywell but they wouldn't send me the file :thumbdown:
  3. irebound

    Rivet for Miro type 279

    I just notice that one of the rivet fell out of the wheel :paddle: anyone know where I can find another one?
  4. irebound

    lug bolts

    Are these close enough to stock size? Thanks.
  5. irebound

    Miro Type 279 lug bolts

    I'm hearing 2 different things here.. Does it require conical or ball seat lug bolts? Thanks.
  6. irebound

    Sumitomo HTR Z III

    I'm looking at the Sumitomo HTR Z III. 225/40/18 on 18x8 wheels Anybody have these tires? What do you think of them? Tirerack reviews got it beating the Continental ContiSportContact 3, Yokohama ADVAN Sport, and Bridgestone RE050A Pole Position.
  7. irebound

    Need help removing scratch on car with Porter Cable!

    Help. There's a 12 inch long scratch on my rear quarter panel. I think it's only on the clear coat. I tried as best I could to get it out by hand using ScratchX. Can somebody with a PorterCable try to polish it out for me? I'm willing to drive to your place to get it done. Please let me know...