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    EPL / Soccer Discussion

  2. Criz90

    Game of Thrones - SPOILERS based on TV Show ONLY

    Very very good episode.
  3. Criz90

    Unofficial Turbo Beetle Thread

    Lol yeah man, always on the forums just pretty quiet. Nice color choice!
  4. Criz90

    Unofficial Turbo Beetle Thread

    A big turbo beetle would be pretty cool. Sleeper.
  5. Criz90

    Unofficial Turbo Beetle Thread

    Post pictures of your beetle!
  6. Criz90

    Cobalt SS: Project EFR

    In for dyno numbers. Nice setup/car.
  7. Criz90

    When car meets go wrong.

    holy crap, thats crazy. Im usually at farmingale but missed this weekend.
  8. Criz90

    Gas tank gauge reads empty

    Hey guys yesterday I was driving with half a tank of gas then all of a sudden the needle in the gas tank gauge goes down to empty as if the car was off. I know I have gas in the tank so its not empty. Also the display where it normally says how many miles til empty has dashes instead of any...
  9. Criz90

    Boost gauge needle stuck

    Hey guys my awe boost gauge is stuck at 19/20psi when I'm driving or when the car is on. I've turned of the car thinking it might reset but after the needle does its cycle going from hg to psi back to hg it settles at 20psi. Even when the car is off the gauge reads the same instead of zero. Any...
  10. Criz90

    Any ug mkv with white wheels?

    Thinking about going with this route but only seem to find pix of phils car as his winter set up, any others have this?
  11. Criz90

    hole in ic hose

    Anyway to fix a hole in an intercooler hose? or does anyone know if there's anyplace i could buy a intercooler hose that connects to the eurojet oem fitment intercooler?
  12. Criz90

    feeler tsi apr stage 3

    thinking of selling a tsi apr stage 3 kit. It was bought off another member of this forum with 8k on the kit. Its still in the box of the original owner since I havent installed it on my car. Reason for possible sell is Im debating if I rather go with a atp gt3071r and get the unitronic BT...
  13. Criz90

    Need help !! Check engine light -_-

    Hey guys..ever since I went apr stage 2 iv had a check engine light with code P2106. Ive been to both a vw dealership nd my tuning shop..both checked for exhaust leaks as well as changed both the front nd precat o2 sensors since one was stuck on rich and the other lean. Ive also talked to apr...
  14. Criz90

    pic request=)

    can any1 photoshop or post any pix they find of a UG gti with the rieger front lip and also yellow fogs =) :help: