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  1. Widebody MkVer

    FS: Vag Com and REVO SPS Controller

    Okay, I've been gone for quite some time. Parted with the car, and most of the bits and pieces that remained. I am ready to let the last of the VW community go now. I have a Revo SPS Select controller that was used 3 times total, Still in original box and in Brand New condition. I don't...
  2. Widebody MkVer

    Widebody car for sale

    After 3 years of no use, I am going to part with the car i built for shows and such, Those of you who know of the car know the time and money that's invested, those who don't feel free to ask. I'm looking to get $25,000 for the car as it sits. Heres a shot of the car from the other day, Anyone...
  3. Widebody MkVer

    Moving to Central FL

    Well y'all it's been a long ass time since I posted on the boards here, Been away from the scene for a bit, Car's been sittin in a garage. As you can see by the title of the thread I am moving into the Central FL area. Kissimmee to be exact. Wondering where the meets and such are that would be...
  4. Widebody MkVer

    Widebody Content, First shots of the Season

    Brought the car home today, cuz it was so damn nice out, Washed and waxed her up, Waxed the wheels inside and out, Installed em and snapped some shots. Seeing as I have never taken photos of the car in show condition here they are.
  5. Widebody MkVer

    NY International Auto Show

    Well boys and girls, It's that time of the year again. The Auto expo is in town starting tomorrow, 4/10/09 There are group rates for tickets saves ya 2 bucks ea. anyone interested in getting some MKVers together and meeting up in the city for some car trash talkin photo ops and some dirty water...
  6. Widebody MkVer

    Spring Show N Go Englishtown NJ

    Spring Show N Go's Date has been released and is scheduled for April 5th. This post is just to see who's gonna be going and such. I know a few people can't wait to cut theor cars loose on the 1/4 for the first time this season, and others have all their new interior/exterior mods they spent all...
  7. Widebody MkVer

    Show & Go

    April 5th, who's goin?
  8. Widebody MkVer

    One of a kind Widebody MkV GTI FOR SALE

    It's up for sale...
  9. Widebody MkVer

    FS: 2 Sets of 8mm Universal Wheel spacers

    I have 2 full sets of 4 spacers to sell, now that i have my 26mm wheel adapters on the car i dont need these anymore. They are universal for use with ANY bolt pattern. I want to get 30 ea set or 50 for both sets. PM me here or on AIM widebodyMKV. I'll also be bringing these to H20 if anyone is...
  10. Widebody MkVer

    FS Front Fenders (BMP)

    As the title states, I have 2 fenders for sale off my 06 GTI, I dont need them anymore. I also have a eurolip for sale. I'd prefer a local deal but will ship at buyers expense.
  11. Widebody MkVer

    A few shots of my widebody mkV

    It's not finished yet, wheels suspension work and a few other choice mods before H20. I know it's not for everyone, but be gentle lol.
  12. Widebody MkVer

    GUYS, Please help me out with an impossible feat!!!!!!!!!

    I got robbed today, of my last payment on the widebody project, it was every cent i had in the bank. The body shop won't release the car until theyre payed and i am broke, and i have no VW for waterfest. If you can help out by sending a few bucks let me know by texting me at 631 220 4919 or pm...
  13. Widebody MkVer

    THE HULK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Definately not the dud that the last hulk movie was, and Liv Tyler (GORGEOUS) rocks a RS MkV...
  14. Widebody MkVer

    Set of four (4) MAXXIM Wonder 17x8 wheels

    I have a Set of 4 17x8 Maxxim Wonder wheels that I bought a while back and never installed. I never even mounted tires on em, take em off my hands for a fair price, $75 a wheel.
  15. Widebody MkVer

    Vag-Com Available

    Just thought I'd put a thread up and make a suggestion for sticky, I know there are a bunch of people who have Vag-Com in different areas of the tristate, How about making a Sticky and putting a zipcode and a phone number, email address, or AIM/Yahoo IM name up. I have a Micro Can Vag Com and...
  16. Widebody MkVer

    Another Part out thread

    Part out info is as follows. Prices are as suggested, and are also Best offer. I will try to have Photos by Monday but most of these parts require no photos, you know what they look like already.. All prices are PICKED UP, I will ship at the buyers expense. OEM lip painted black $50 Euro...
  17. Widebody MkVer

    FS: OEM Navigation Headunit

    I Have a brand new OEM navigation unit from VW, (I had issues with my original) I am considering selling it to get something else, I know alot of people like the OEM look as opposed to the aftermarket sat/nav look. I guess what i am doing is seeing if i could get a decent chunk of change for the...
  18. Widebody MkVer

    Vote on my New Caliper Color

    So it was brought up to me that I should get the forums a bit more involved in my build on the Widebody GTI so heres your first task, Choose the color of the calipers that i will be putting on my car. Thi poll will run for 6 days starting today 4/15/08. After that i will be removing the...
  19. Widebody MkVer

    Widebody MkV GTI Build up thread

    Okay guys and gals, I have been saying this was coming for a while now, But I have finally aquired the bits and pieces, and made the proper arrangements. I am proud to be far enough along in the planning to be able to present my project to the public. This thread is here to drum up a bit of...
  20. Widebody MkVer

    Stock audio

    Can anyone please list for me all of the stock speakers that come in a '06 GTI