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    *Official* NOVA off topic/discussion thread (Part 2)

    Finally got my rack and got it on. 10000000x better than the stock rack
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    *Official* NOVA off topic/discussion thread (Part 2)

    Just saw this, looks nice
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    FS- Kleemann TS-7s

    SOLD... after 204 days of trying lol.
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    Its been a while.

    Been a good bit since I posted here. Stock suspension is going back on the car tomorrow and probably getting sold in a week. Learned how to do some lightpainting. And I got a GoPro, made a timelapse video a couple weeks ago. You can see them here,
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    dwinces Part Out v3.0!

    Third time (and last) Im gonna part out my car. Come July its getting sold or traded in. I want to keep this local although I could ship some of the smaller stuff at buyers expense. Prices are stiff, but go ahead and try to make a deal with me, I might be in a good enough mood haha. Kleemann...
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    worst car you've driven

    Whats the worst car you've ever driven? For me its gotta be a Cobalt or Sebring. They both felt like they were gonna just deteriorate and break over any bump.
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    FT: Kleemann TS-7

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    my car sucks

    chilled with guilford for a bit today. my car is halfway into winter mode, I just need some wheels/tires for it. Untitled by dwince, on Flickr Untitled by dwince, on Flickr Untitled by dwince, on Flickr Untitled by dwince, on Flickr Untitled by dwince, on Flickr
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    WTB- Stock wheels

    Classix, huffs, denvers.. Let me know what you have. I need stock wheels so i can trade in the car asap. They need to have tires, and be relatively near me.
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    dwince's H20i Thread

    My first H20, definitely going again and again and again. It was good meeting everyone even though I didnt have my car there. <--Album. Rest are there.
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    dwince's part out

    Not parting out anymore. Mods please close this thread.
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    FT: Kleemann TS-7's

    No longer for trade, but will be back up for sale soon.
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    just chillin

    hung with guilford for a little and shot the cars since we were bored.
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    FS/FT- Omanyts

    SOLD. ....back in July.
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    thats jus' turrable.

    got some pictures with notorious since we both have nothing better to do. Im on the R wheels and notorious is on the classix. (yes thats a deer crossing the road)
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    havent whored in a while.

    traded wheels with guilford since i have some new ones on order right now. was this.. is this.. will have these..
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    FS- painted TR stock front lip

    Stock front lip that was painted tornado red. they didnt sand it very well, but the paint is a spot on match color-wise. it has some scuffs on the bottom and holes where a hide away plate frame are, but who the hell looks under there anyways? id like to keep this local or relatively close. ill...
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    Redesigned Cayenne

    What do you guys think? I think it looks much better than the previous generation, even though I really liked the previous generation.
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    Parents Rides.

    I thought this would be an intersting thread. Post up pictures of what your parents drive. :thumbsup: Ill start off with my dad.. and my moms car is creepin in the back here.