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  1. Bojangles1207

    GTI vs Gallardo

    So on my most recent TDY (military business trip) :thumbsup:.I got to experience a pretty great feeling... Driving a $220,000 car. took on I10 in texas and murdered about anything I could find... including a white GTI like the one I left in florida. Will post pictures of it when I get them...
  2. Bojangles1207

    Destin/ Ft worth area...?

    I just moved down here from Ohio and am looking for a group to meet up with anyone close?
  3. Bojangles1207

    What tune company? WTB

    I have a bone stock 08 with about 30,000 still have warranty as well as extended cert used. I'm looking to add some upgrades dv spacer twinnercooler(future). First of all I want to flash it. APR LLC is about 4hrs away, REVO haven't looked but I need to know what would be a good way to go. I...