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  1. The Doktor

    Another stupid wheel thread

    So I've got a set of old-school Borbet Type-T's sitting in my basement that I got for free & refinished. I wanna throw them on my mkv. They're 17x8 ET35. I'm presently sitting on 17x8 ET35's as well but running 245/45/17 on them and there's a shitload of rubbing when I hit big bumps. I'm also...
  2. The Doktor

    Trunk Tray

    So I've been meaning to get one of the trunk trays for my 09 bunny for a little while but can't really justify spending the $110 that ECS wants for it. It's just a piece of plastic that you put your trunk crap in. So while I hate the cheap Chinese shit for actual parts, I just can't justify...
  3. The Doktor

    Vacuum Problem

    2009 2.5L Rabbit Here's my problem: I got a CEL about 3000 miles ago. It was intermittent. It would come and go. Sometimes it would stay off for weeks, other times it would come on and off 2 or 3 times in a day. The code it pulled (just on a generic obd-II tool) was p0106. It indicated a MAP...