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  1. dubbunit

    Scirocco and MKV in NFS: Shift

    bought these and upgraded them completely and took quick pics. love the representation wish VW had some more sick cars that could be available in game. i know the body kits are horrible, but i needed to install them to get max upgrade for the cars and handling. i actually like the look of the...
  2. dubbunit

    WTB/WTT for Helios

    im looking for a set of Helios, with our without tires. i also have these up for trade : lets see what you got
  3. dubbunit

    FS: Stock radio

    i dont know what these things go for. but i have the stock 2006 GTI radio. the older version without the silver buttons. also i have the stock springs.
  4. dubbunit


    as the topic stats, i have the front set of Hawk HPS pads brand new in the box. and a brand new never installed PCV fix(i think it is the newer version also). heres a link to show how much just the front pads are brand new...
  5. dubbunit

    Custom 19" Privat Nets with Tires

    Privat Netz, i think 19x8.5 Customization on the rims= Paint matched lips. Tires are Toyo Proxes 235/35/Zr19s Two rims have slight curb rashes. Tires have probly 60% Tread left looking for $900 OBO. open for some trades for other 19s or 20s. will be picking up a passat CC so its time for big...
  6. dubbunit

    Debris Kills Boy in Stands at Truck Show so sad
  7. dubbunit

    Chubby Cuppy Cake you will shart.
  8. dubbunit

    WTB Lug Bolts for Stock 17s

    anybody have an extra set of lug bolts that would work with my stock 17" Vision Vs? when i got my new rims i needed different lugs, i misplaced the original ones and i want to put my 17s on for winter. even the lugs for the huffs they are the same.
  9. dubbunit

    DIY for Eurojet PCV fix?

    anybody have one?
  10. dubbunit

    2002 Saturn (gf's car, possible donation towards rabbit =) lol)

    help me out guys, girlfriend wants to sell her car so she can put a down payment to lease a new one. hopefully a yaris or a rabbit =) price is negotiable, car is in great shape
  11. dubbunit

    where to buy lug bolts for stock rims

    i have 17" vision Vs i am putting on for winter, and i think i misplaced the lugs. where can i get them and for the cheapest price.
  12. dubbunit

    Best affordable brake pads

    at the 35k mark, want fresh new brakes again. whats a good pad to get, i was looking at Hawk HPS pads, are those the best pad for the price?
  13. dubbunit

    FS/FT 17" Vision V's

    dont have pics right now. but they are mint, one is brand new with brand new tires. other tires are around 80%. looking to trade for a winter set up really. whatcha got?
  14. dubbunit


    are you telling me out of all these Waterfest threads there are no pictures of the sexy ladies who attend? i know the show is for the cars, but did someone catch some booty????
  15. dubbunit

    Feeler: 2006 United Gray GTI

    just seein what kind of offers i get. looking for around 16k obo Also included, Powdercoated to color slightly darker than United Gray Winter Set up.17" Vision V's with Contis. 80% tread, one brand new tire. rims are great condition DSG TRANNY 35,000 and change. more than half are highway...
  16. dubbunit

    Feeler: 2006 United Gray GTI

    just seein what i can get for her. 30,000 and change. more than half are highway. Package 1 (plaid and sunroof) Car was hit front drivers side. I can assure you no chassis damage or anything bad. all cosmetic. car has been fully repainted, no dings dents or scratches. EYELIDS ARE OFF. Runs...
  17. dubbunit


    as the topic states, where the hell i can i find some. ive been searching for about an hour and didnt come up with much. anybody know a good place to find one?
  18. dubbunit

    finally my love is home

    its been 3 months since my little incident with a bunch of girls in a drivers ed car, but finally my love is home. it was gorgeous today so i decided she needed a bath. whats different: -custom tinted tails -painted lowers (rear bumber, side skirts, front lip) -painted emblems, and grille...
  19. dubbunit

    WTB Led Tail Light Bulbs

    where can i order some of these from