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  1. wale

    07 DSG gti for sale

    United grey gti for sale with less than 25k miles on it, i got tints on it nd matching painted oem black 17" wheels on... i have to get rid of the car cause im moving into the city, and the car would be of very little to no use to me... let me know if anyone is interested....
  2. wale

    oz ultras vs bbs ch

    which of the 2 will be stronger in 19" size wearing 245-35-19 tires. i had 19" hartman reps before on my gti, but those bent and were not the strongest set out there. also i heard forged wheels are meant to be the strongest, but do the also bend as well when wearing low profile tires...
  3. wale

    scirocco r vs focus rs

    idk if this is a repost, but here ya go...
  4. wale

    rs4 reps with tire..

    okay so i have a set of 19 hartmann rs4 reps, with some nexen 235 tires on them. but the catch here is that the wheels have been discontinued nd two of them have been bent, but its something that can be fixed. what do u guys suggest i do with it?
  5. wale

    looking for good workshop in nj or philly...

    so my rear break pads need to be replaced, they get a bit noisy when i start driving but cool down later.. car has close to 19k miles on them... where do u guys think i can get the best deal, my dealership is asking for about $280
  6. wale

    looking for oem wheels nd tires to pick up

    ne1 have something i can come pick up, heading to school nxt weekend, nd i need a new set of wheels.... pls get at me asap...
  7. wale

    WTB ur spare..

    please, if any1 has a spare they want to get rid of, please shoot me a pm.
  8. wale

    Still shopping for oem 17s

    Im in the philly area, and would like to pick up some oem 17s with tires, b4 i take off for summer break. pls try nd pm with offers cause im getting into exam mode nd wnt be online as much. thanks
  9. wale

    b&b 300 hp tiguan and 350 hp scirocco which would u rather have? i kinda prefer the tiguan, are they awd or fwd?
  10. wale

    wtb your donut/spare or a set of oem wheels

    pm me, let me know how much u want... im trying to get a set of four if possible
  11. wale

    WTT 19" Hartman rs4 reps for your huffs

    i really miss having my huff, nd i think i want em back now.. i have the silver rs4 reps et45, good conditions, just some minor scratches... i would prefer a local swap if possible, so PM me if interested..
  12. wale

    WHO'S BUYING AN MK6? i know 4 sure i will be getting the gti-R or a 135i, what bout u guys?
  13. wale

    Unitronic s3 tuning

    idk if this is a repost, but i foun this on youtube,nd im curious to know is this the regulalr stage 2 tuning for the stock motor, or is this a special software for the s3 k04?
  14. wale

    r32 supercharger kit??

    hey r32 guys, i tried searching but i only got 1 answer... does ne1 know of any supercharger systems for the r32 that's out or coming soon? the hpa kit just seems too much 4 me
  15. wale


    are there any 19x9 wheels in production that will fit the git? something like the 1 on the rGTI, but not custom made..
  16. wale

    Phone repair

    hey guys i just damaged the screen of my tmobile dash, and i can only see half of the screen which is still not clear... does ne1 know where i can get it fixed? im in union county area.
  17. wale

    Unitronic stage 2 can some1 pls translate? i wana know what kind of stuff they did to improve handling...
  18. wale


    This is a car forum, but i also know they are a lot of career people here. Okay guys, im having an issue right now. I will be done with my 2 year college this summer, and i got accepted into Drexel University and Rutgers University. I'm an economics major, but i also wana do political science...
  19. wale

    Spring Time Cruise

    well, as you all know, the sun is finnaly out for good, and i would like to know if ne1 is interested in going out for a drive, b4 record gas prices of summer hit us... i should be done with finals and stuff on the 16th, so i'm pretty much free any weekend after that... let me know what u guys...
  20. wale

    I just fell inlove with the votex kit...

    where can i get the best price 4 1?