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    WTB: IDF Rear camber arms

    looking for a set of idf rear camber arms. paypal ready. MK5 GTI I live in Phoenix, AZ
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    FS/FT:Desmond KoenigSpecial 3 piece wheels

    Desmond Koenigspecials located Phoenix, AZ $1500 ill also take trades for 18" wheels plus $500. ill even straight trade depending on the wheels. looking for 1 piece wheels and/or oem wheels. 5 x 112 17x9-10 et 35-16 wheels are freshly built and painted Merlin Purple Face with Polished lips 2" F...
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    FS: KoenigSpecial 3 piece wheels w/tires

    FS/FT: KoenigSpecial 3 piece wheels w/tires KoenigSpecial 3 piece wheels w/ tires LOCATED IN PHX, AZ these wheels were restored recently by me so that means everything is fresh. all original equipment. lips polished and centers powder coated along with the barrels. 17x8-9 et35 5x112 205/40...
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    OZ Wheel Question

    Ok guys, I've searched everywhere and cannot find a definitive answer to my question. Can my 2 piece OZ Mito's be changed to 3 piece without any modification to the face or any other bits? I was asked if the back of the face has enough lip to reach both a lip and barrels flange thickness and I...
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    FS: FSI K04 Kit

    i have FOR SALE a K04 from a Golf R. kit includes everything but DV relocation kit. even comes with Turbo outlet pipe, N75 valve, OEM IC piping for S3 or aftermarket IC. pretty much everything you need. not sure on mileage but everythingnis in great shape! located in AZ. we can work out shipping...
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    ATT Iphone 5S 32G

    need this gone now. ATT iphone 5S 32g Black. comes with everything but headphones. also includes slim case. like new condition. $300 obo....located in AZ
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    FS: brand new filters! limited supply 3" inlet

    have a short supply of filters for sale. brand new in box. 3" inlet $25....price cant be beat. grab them now!!
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    FS: euro style LED tail lights

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    WTB: tail lights

    I'm looking for tail lights for my gti. Preferably the euro style LED tails or the R32 tails. If nobody has any of these than I might consider some reg OEM tails. If you have what I'm looking for for pm me ASAP!!
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    please help diagnose this issue!

    i drive a mk5 gti FSI 6 spd. ok so my issue is a mystery at the moment, cars at audi right now getting some work done and I'm having them check out this problem while its there. so my car while driving whines. it sounds like tranny whine but I'm not sure. motor drives good, no cel and it...
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    FS: 3 piece raderwerk w/tires

    FS/FT: 3 piece raderwerk w/tires I have a set of 3 piece raderwerk wheels w/tires These are also known as autoart vyc 17x8.5-9.5 offset is 33-44 Tires are 205/45/17 and 215/45/17 Custom green/gold with a good amount of flake. Paint isn't perfect. No cracks or bends. Tires are in great...
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    FS: porsche twists staggered:very aggressive

    set of porsche twists staggered 5x130 18x8 et50 18x11 et45 these come w/tires these wheels are oem. condition isnt perfect but good $800 obo
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    mk2 gti 1.8 8v

    i have a mk2 gti 8v auto. great project car for sale. car does not run do to a ghetto rigged wiring job in engine bay(from PO) other than that car is in good condition. engine and tranny are solid. interior is good. exterior needs some attention along with paint. i purchased this vehicle as is...
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    FS: 22 spoke AMG wheels staggered

    set of 22 spoke AMG wheels w/tires there painted black (not professionally) 18x8.5 et30 18x9.5 et33 5x112 tires are 215/35/18 all around. tires have about 60% tread. SOLD
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    WTB: S3 intercooler and injectors

    trying to bump up to a k04.looking for s3 intercooler s3 injectors if u have a k04 turbo your selling let me know also. currently leaning towards a frankenturbo but if the price is right ill reconsider. car is 08 gti fsi.
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    WTB/T: bag set up for mkv

    looking for a bag set up for my mkv. this is a long shot but i thought id try. willing to trade some items for the set up. i have a set of new TSW Velancia 18's w/tires. also have 2 sets of coils. wheels: TSW Velancia's staggered 18x8 and 18x9.5. dipped gold tires are nitto neogens. coils: fk...
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    FS: TSW Velancia staggered

    set of TSW velancia's staggered 18x8 et40 1.5" lip w/205/40/18 18x9.5 et42 3" lip w/225/40/18 original color is silver but they are dipped gold right now. only a couple months old. looking to sell but ill consider trades as well. $1300 obo location is tampa, FL *SOLD*
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    FS: MKV Coilovers and OEM parts

    i have a mk5 08 cw gti FSI Raceland ultimo coils: *SOLD* oem front lip painted CW to match: $100 obo (dont want to ship, Tampa FL) oem suspension: $80+shipping (includes struts and springs) stock DP: $100 (dont want to ship, Tampa FL) i am open to offers on some items but no low ball prices!
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    FS: MKV Parts must see!

    OEM Huffs w/tires $500 obo (3/4 tires need to be replaced soon, slight scratches on wheels) BSH PCV Revamp Kit (like new) $60 shipped OEM Front Lip Painted CW to match $100 OEM DP $60 FSI Engine cover/intake $100 (comes with filter and intake piece) OEM Suspension 50k miles $60 obo All...
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    HELP: boosting issue

    ok so my freind has a mk4 GLI and he just swapped in a K04 and he cant hit more than 9psi. unitronics stage 2+ K04-20. also can anyone explain how to instal a MBC, we have one installed but not sure if its hooked up right. one line from wastegate and the other going to the intake manifold. any...