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  1. vwengineer

    How long do the Turbo's live???????

    My car has 230k miles still on original turbo (with 20k oil change interval almost it's entire life). Others on the forum also have similar experiences if that reinsure you. Turbo failures are quite rare on these cars.
  2. vwengineer

    ESP overreacting

    I haven't been there for a long time so I thought I would give an update. Now the problem is solved. It had nothing to do with alignment, ABS sensors, ESP calibration. Actually it was a faulty rear wheel bearing (which was almost new with only 15k on it, make FEBI), the wheel was not turning...
  3. vwengineer

    MK5 GTI on the Cheap

    Also interested :) It's been a long time I haven't been there. I am currently at 230'000 miles. Not much done since 2020 where I had to replace the struts bearings (and shocks front/rear at the same time but they were still OK), the coolant flange going to the heater core which was leaking and...
  4. vwengineer

    Replacing Front Springs

    I also replaced mine using basic spring compressors with an impact. I would recommend to lubricate the threads of the spring compressor, to adjust them carefully and to tighten them evenly. It's no big deal if done carefully, I did two spring changes, so 8 spring compressed and never had an...
  5. vwengineer

    Differences noticed after doing a VCDS Readiness....

    Probably more linked with the error clearing which also resets the ECU adaptations. Not an explanation for the brakes though
  6. vwengineer

    Engine not running on first attempt to start...

    Mine did that when N80 failed, I could blow through so I think it made a vacuum leak when starting. Car would start on second attempt though.
  7. vwengineer

    Additional cooling pump

    Pretty sure it was the pump, it was a very faint noise which I never heard before, only audible because the car was in a small garage. Can the fans run with the engine off/car closed?
  8. vwengineer

    Additional cooling pump

    Could be oil temp or EGT? Not sure if US spec cars have the oil temperature sensor though since I think it's linked to oil level sensor. I heard mine run for some time after switching the engine off in hot weather. I cannot comment on how often it comes on because I only heard it when parked in...
  9. vwengineer

    Additional cooling pump

    Oh ok, just briefly then? Could it be that some kind of control module responsible for the operation of this pump switches on when the engine is shut off and that it turns it off directly due to the engine being cold?
  10. vwengineer

    Additional cooling pump

    But in the SSP 821503 they say "after the engine is shutdown hot".
  11. vwengineer

    Golf MkV clapping noise

    I would inspect the threads carefully. A friend of mine lost a tire like this, probably that the tire was not tight from the begging and bit by bit it destroyed all the threads (he also had a noise). Luckily for him it happened on a parking lot but the front of the car was destroyed
  12. vwengineer

    Additional cooling pump

    The coolant pump is temperature controlled I guess, so why would you want it to start if it's not necessary?
  13. vwengineer

    Real video vs Dragy or VBOX arguement...

    I think it can correct both ways but I didn't try it as I prefer having the speedo reading a bit higher due to the high density of speed traps we have over there :/ You might get some info from here:
  14. vwengineer

    Real video vs Dragy or VBOX arguement...

    Yeah, I get your point. Some people do not deserve help at all. In case you did not know, you can correct the speedo to display the real speed should you want to with VCDS (changing the impulse number). The car actually knows the real speed, if you use the climatronic secret menu, you can...
  15. vwengineer

    Real video vs Dragy or VBOX arguement...

    I find it gross from the guy you are trying to help to say that, especially since I trust you. Regarding the arguments of the guy and yours, I see valid points both sides. I would see it like this track slip > GPS data > speedo video. Speedo video: + a video is difficult to manipulate + real...
  16. vwengineer

    Finally minimized transmission whine!

    OEM transmission fluid is best on these gearbox feeling wise. MT-90 is second. Your oil is not adequate for this transmission, you need API GL-4, not API GL-5 because does not allow the synchronizers to create enough friction and to work properly
  17. vwengineer

    2007 GTI Doors won't lock with fob

    Can be door wiring also, push the boot and inspect the wires for cracked insulation/broken wires
  18. vwengineer

    Sunroof Drain Tube

    Spray some vinegar (could be a 50/50 mix with water), it will kill any mold, then try do dry it as well as you can. It will smell vinegar a bit but the smell will go away
  19. vwengineer

    Sunroof Drain Tube

    You don't need to pull the headliner, you can get to the connector just by pulling on the headliner carefully, may need to remove the roof handle and sunvisor though. Also the hose is not connected tightly, this is normal. I also disconnected it when pulling on it. I also chased a leak but in...
  20. vwengineer

    HELP!! Electric auxiliary cooling pump not working

    In the mean time you can let the car idle 30 seconds before shutting it off if you are worried.