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  1. LilRaverBoi

    Intercooler clearance?

    I am installing a Unitronic intercooler and am having some issues with clearance of the radiator fans. I also have Neuspeed charge and discharge pipes. Once I got the radiator/intercooler/AC together and am putting everything else together, I am finding that the fans are bound on the boost...
  2. LilRaverBoi

    Candy White Delight

    My build thread of sorts...progress of my car. Bought this car in October 2014. It is a 2009 GTI, TSI, 6-speed, plaid cloth interior, sunroof, heated seats, full painted votex kit (that I can only assume is OEM), stock when purchased. The day I got her: Here is a list of mods so far...
  3. LilRaverBoi

    Anyone going to Dubs in the Valley?

    Just seeing if anyone from this site is planning on attending Dubs in the Valley in Oshkosh, WI in August. It's always a good time.