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  1. thechromecoyote

    Tailgate in NJ, Get Strip Searched

    Another piece of constitutionally violating legislation passed by the Chris Christie admin before he waddled out of our lives. NJ cops don’t need a warrant to search your car thanks to him. [emoji52] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. thechromecoyote

    What's your worst speeding ticket?

    Did you show up to court to plea the tickets down? Most jurisdictions in NJ will throw out the extraneous tickets and focus on one... which you can then plea down with the states double penalty option. 4pts becomes 2, 2 becomes 0, etc. Learned that lesson early, always show up to court and...
  3. thechromecoyote

    Mk5 parts FS NNJ

    Bought a mk7 so I have an assortment of mk5 parts laying around that I need to get rid of. Would prefer local first, but will ship if needed. Located near Rutherford, NJ Kw-Systems dual pod dash mount ($40) SOLD! Forge boost tap ($10) SOLD! Golf R MAP Sensor ($20) SOLD! Delrin bushings...
  4. thechromecoyote

    What car did you pass your driving test in?

    like seemingly everyone in the late 90's, my family owned a forest green Ford Taurus that I took the test in. My first car purchase shortly thereafter was a neon yellow Saturn lol
  5. thechromecoyote

    WTB: Driver's Side Fender (CW) (NY/NJ/PA)

    Like the title says, Im looking for a Drivers Side Fender in Candy White somewhere in the tri state area. Mine has seen some rough times lately and needs replacing. Im hoping someone has a spare or a part out project and has this part for less than itd cost for me to source and paint a new one...
  6. thechromecoyote

    WTB: 2.0 FSI BPY longblock (NJ)

    Looking for a lightly molested longblock, I know a month or two back people were able to get their hands on closeout blocks from VW for $2500, but I missed that sale and my usual channels don't have any left. My engine has ~150k on it and is starting to having cascading and expensive failures...
  7. thechromecoyote

    Popping noise with rcd 510 and iPhone

    I recently upgraded my stereo to an RCD 510 and I'm having issues with a frequent popping noise when playing music through my iPhone. The sound is similar to an old record pop, and while it happens frequently, it doesn't seem tied to anything specific the car is doing. Any suggestions from the...
  8. thechromecoyote

    Will trade VAG-COM time for craft beer in northern NJ

    Hey all, I just picked up a micro can cable and would like to offer my cable and laptop to people in the northern NJ area looking for vag com time. Located in Northern NJ, near Wayne/ Willowbrpok Mall. I'm available most Sundays and Mondays, and the only thing I ask for is some craft beer...
  9. thechromecoyote

    WTB: side skirts OEM or otherwise NY/ NJ/ PA

    Looking for a pair of OEM textured side skirts, or any of the after market ones that resemble them. Lmk
  10. thechromecoyote

    FS: H&R Supersports (NJ)

    I have for sale, a set if H&R Supersport lowering springs. Used for approximately 30-40k miles. Packed up and ready to ship. Located in northern nj for pickup, near willowbrook mall. Looking for $80 + shipping, or just $80 picked up Lmk Al
  11. thechromecoyote

    FS: Vogtland 30mm lowering springs (nj)

    I have a set of Vogtland 30mm lowering springs for sale. SOLD Used about 20-30k, great drop and OEM strut friendly.
  12. thechromecoyote

    FS: R Line fog Grilles with LED DRLs

    I have a set of R Line style fog grilles with LED DRLs molded into them, plasti dipped black, and in immaculate condition. Not OEM, but fit and appearance is top notch. LEDs have a relay built in that will turn them on/off automatically with the car. More complicated wiring options exist if...
  13. thechromecoyote

    FS: Eurojet air circulation noise pipe

    Used Eurojet air circulation pipe. Made of 1.5" stainless steel and painted with red engine enamel. Paint could use a touch up, and I have removed the arm bracket for clearance. They break all the time anyways, and it never aligns properly. A really nice piece that's hard to find these days...
  14. thechromecoyote

    FS: OSIR vent pod, and Newsouth vent pod

    Two vent pods up for sale, both in mind condition. OSIR side vent boost gauge pod (SOLD) Newsouth side vent boost gauge pod ($25 shipped CONUS)
  15. thechromecoyote

    WTB Candy White Rabbit front bumper (NJ/NY/PA/CT)

    looking to make the swap to the Rabbit bumper. Candy White only please, grills a plus especially if its fog grills. Had a few options for trades, but I would like to keep my GTI bumper and grills in storage instead. Let me know what you guys have :) Located in Northern NJ, near Wayne, but I...
  16. thechromecoyote

    WTB: Dash Vent or Dash Tray

    Like the title says, looking for a dash vent or dash tray. All the clips on mine are broken and it keeps popping up. Located in NJ near Newark. Al
  17. thechromecoyote

    FS: EVOMS FSI Intake w/ extras

    I have FS an EVOMS CAI with a few extras Oiled filer (needs recharging) Brand new dry flow filter Pre filter filter "sock" K04/ DV relocation elbow Price $200 + actual shipping costs. Located in NJ
  18. thechromecoyote

    OCS and Airbag issues with Mk5 Cloth seat swap

    My car, Early MY06 with heated, powered leather seats. I recently picked up a set of cloth seats from a MY08 GTI which seems to have a dramatically different OCS setup than my MY06 car came with. As a result I cannot get the passenger airbags to work properly which is a major concern beyond the...
  19. thechromecoyote

    Feeler: Thuderbunny unpainted bumper and CW sideskirts (NJ/NY/CT/PA)

    SOLD Was originally going to paint and go full thunderbunny but finances and other concerns have me moving away from this. For SALE: LOCAL PICKUP ONLY (NJ/NY/CT/PA) Unpainted Thunderbunny rear bumper, mounted, no damage. ($400) CW painted 2 door Thunderbunny sideskirts, perfect paint, never...
  20. thechromecoyote

    TT-RS rubber front lower control arm rear bushings

    TT-RS rubber front lower control arm rear bushings (SOLD) SOLD Ended up going poly instead of installing these. Hard to find in the states, solid rubber LCA bushings. A wonderful alternative between the harsh poly and open rubber of OEM/ s3 variants. Will fit all mk5 LCA rear brackets...