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    Timing belt broke - can anyone recommend a good shop in the Atlanta or NW GA area?

    I’m guessing at the least I need a new belt and new valves, but who knows. Anyone know a good shop that will do this type of work? Thanks.
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    Is it possible to disable the HID headlights and use only the halogens?

    I have a xenon bulb out and it's gonna cost me $200 to replace both bulbs. In the meantime is there a way using vagcom to use only the halogens? I poked around a bit, but it's been years since I set up everything on my car with vagcom and couldn't remember if I had the right settings or if...
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    Time to change the oil, should I seafoam it first?

    I have about 104,000 miles on my 08 GTI. It's time for another oil change and I have heard of people adding seafoam to the oil and running it for a bit before an oil change. I tried searching but I couldn't find the info that I had read before. Anyone done this and recommend it? How long...
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    Time to change the oil, should I seafoam it first?

    wrong forum, sorry!!!
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    Anyone have knowledge to share about the mkV alternator?

    Looks mine mine is bad. I called around a few places, most say they can't even get them, O'Reilly said it would something like $350 with a $150 core charge. Seems excessive. Anyone had luck finding them? Is there just 1 SKU? If I can find another mkv will the alternator from it work?
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    Can you guys help me read this tread wear?

    So all 4 of my tires have tread wear that is much greater on the inside. My car has 94,000 miles on it, these tires about 50,000 miles. What does inside tread wear mean? Suspension? Alignment? Also, the right rear looked very strange. It kind of dips off. It's hard to explain so I'll...
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    Think this is coil packs or improperly gapped plugs? (video)

    My 08 GTI has Revo software on it, but I've been running it stock for about a year. The battery got unplugged, my local shop went out of business and I didn't have an SPS. Well, I got an SPS today and now when doing a 4th gear pull, I get what feels like a misfire. I haven't hooked up VCDS...
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    WTB: Revo Select Plus switch

    Let me know if you have one.
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    Just did some Vagcom logs, questions about Revo stg1 boost pressure

    I just did somee logs today and it seems that the turbo is keeping up with what the ECU is requesting, so I don't think I have a leak, but the ECU doesn't seem to be requesting the right amount by what I've been reading. Here is a 4th gear pull, requested vs actual. What do you think? TIME...
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    Seamless, integrated, steering wheel bluetooth with iPhone 4?

    I remember looking at this stuff back when i first bought my 2008 GTI, but never got a kit. THis seems to be the most complete, OEM-feeling kit, unless something new is out: It says it doesn't do voice dialing on the iPhone, but it's basing it on...
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    Under seat tray question

    This says it doesn't work with powered seats. Will it work on a MkV with power lumbar?
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    Report: cam follower at 73,000 miles

    Here are some pictures. The surface was a little concave but you can't see it in the pictures. The cam lobe looked perfectly smooth. I was expecting a lot worse for 73,000. I meant to change it sooner but always thought it was harder than it was. Took about 30 mins to replace.
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    How exactly do TSBs work?

    Are you covered by a TSB if you are out of warranty, or must the car be under warranty go get repairs associated with a TSB?
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    Do the dealers or VW provide any comps for having a car serviced for severel days?

    I took my car in Wednesday morning to have a TSB performed (replace intake manifold flap motor or whatever it is). Wednesday I was told it would be done that day if the part was in. I called back Wednesday evening and they said it would be Thursday afternoon because they got busy. So I called...
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    Anyone know what the heck this part is?

    It recently flew off of my GTI after exiting one of those car washes with the "wind tunnel" dryer thing on it. Last time I use one of those, even for a quick dusting off. Looked like it came from around the area where the wipers are, but I couldn't really see if anything was missing from...
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    P2008 and p2015----is this a tsb?

    I have read some places that this is the tsb for the manifold flap motor or something, but I wanted to make sure. Imguessing the fix will get rid of my revo flash? And the revo flash didn't cause it, did it? Dint really feel like fighting with my dealer.
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    Warranty question

    Anyone know where I can read a copy of a warranty for an '08 (50,000 mile) warranty? I need to know if the Satellite radio is included in the 50,000 mile or if it is one of the lesser mileage warranties. Mine continually says "Linking" and Sirius can't fix it.
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    Good place to get tires cheap near Atlanta?

    My stock tires are just about to crap out on me and I'm looking to get some new 225/40/18s. We are kinda strapped for cash right now so cheaper is better. A place near me has quoted around $340 for Nexen n5000s, but I hear they aren't great. Searching google I am finding random message board...
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    Stock Sat radio problems

    About a year ago I had problems where the Sat radio would randomly change to channel 180 or whatever the free channel is you get when you are not activated. I would have to switch back to the channel I was previously listening to. I took off the cover under the drivers seat and wiggled the...
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    Fault code advice

    Hey, did you know AutoZone will read you your codes for free now? Pretty good idea. I was all set on buying an $80 reader when I saw the signs for it. Anyway, I got a P0333 code. It says it is Knock Sensor 2 circuit high. Possible explanations are Poor electrical connection or faulty knock...