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    H2Sport Cam Follower Fix Release!

    Good news for you FSI guys! Looks like you will need to send them your intake cam to be reprofiled. H2Sport Press Realease
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    Audi TT Suspension Arms

    I recently installed a set of Audi TT aluminum control arms on my car after reading about this mod on the UK boards. This mod provides for a number of enhancements over the stock set up and the results are nothing short of amazing. For me this is the single most significant chassis performance...
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    Connector Part Number Request

    I need the two connectors for the W and TPMS buttons that are located in front of the shifter. The part numbers for the buttons are 1K0 927 121 B REH and 1K0 927 227 A REH. The connector part number will be in the form 4D0 XXX XXX. Any help is appreciated. :thumbsup:
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    Anybody Running LED Front Directionals?

    I've searched here and at Vortex and have found little information specific to adding LED bulbs in the front turn lights of a MK5. It seems that the MK4 guys get hyper blink issues unless they add inline resistors. I'm inclined to think that the MK5 shouldn't have this problem due to the...