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  1. 07MKV

    FS: Black'd Out Rabbit headlights

    Hey guys so i have a set of rabbit headlights that my friend (mlowmk5) and i opened and sprayed black for sale. they look like this : these are mlowmk5's for reference only thing... when i baked these headlights a little got burnt on the driver side headlight, but when put on the car you...
  2. 07MKV

    Out With old, in with the new Girl

    So as some of you might already know, my car got sold a couple days ago. Needed to get into something a little bit quicker.. so i went with this.. thanks golfmkv for everything u have been great, I'll still be trolling around here, have a good one guys!!!
  3. 07MKV

    FS: Shaved R32 Rear

    I'm surprised this thing still hasn't been sold. Diffuser not included New offer, 650 painted any color you want or 500 as is..
  4. 07MKV

    My Final Goodbye

    Thanks to everyone in the golfmkv community for all your help, you guys have been wonderful. This will be the last feature for my car. I am planning on getting into a new car very soon, as soon as i part out the car. Thanks to Iggy from canibeat for his amzaing photo skills, the feature was a...
  5. 07MKV

    FS: OZ MAE's fully polsihed w/ gold hardware

    OZ MAE Crown Jewels 18x9.5 et 18 18x10.5 et 25 tires: sumitomo 215/40 and falken 512 225/40 3500 pretty firm..
  6. 07MKV

    FS: Carlsson 2/6

    Selling these for a friend of mine, Up for sale are Carlsson 2/6's 2 piece deep spoke 18x8.5 et35 18x9.5 et35 Wheel 1 Wheel 2 Wheel 3 Wheel 4 On his car: 1500obo
  7. 07MKV

    Lets Try This Again, OFFICIAL PART OUT

    Car is fer sure getting parted out now, Bagged MKV by Dialed-in Media Group, on Flickr Air Suspension: 2200 Easy Street Autopilot Mason Tech short bags front Airlift Rears Bilstein Shocks 2 440c compressors 5 gal tank R32 shaved Rear: 600 Shaved Diffuser: 300 R32 shaved Front...
  8. 07MKV

    Feeler: Part Out of the Century

    Part Out of the Century Back up for sale :[ Again do not be shy, make me reasonable offers. Worst I can say is NO :] Bagged MKV by Dialed-in Media Group, on Flickr Air Suspension: 2200 or COILS PLUS CASH (PENDING) Easy Street Autopilot Mason Tech short bags front Airlift Rears Bilstein...
  9. 07MKV

    Leaving Vegas

    Thanks to Carlos aka cruiz2007, for the awesome pictures leaving vegas. Vegas was dope but it ended too fast. :frown: Nice meeting everyone, hope to see you guys next year with bigger and better plans :thumbsup: Wuste 2011 by Dialed-in Media Group, on Flickr Bagged MKV by Dialed-in Media...
  10. 07MKV

    finally made it :)

  11. 07MKV

    Not Quite Finished

    New color, new bumper :] My grille is at home ready to be put on, had to go to work right after the shop. Everything should be on the car tomorrow or sometime this week fer sure :thumbsup: Interior almost done, should have that next week as well.. Here i come wuste :] sry for crappy cell pic...
  12. 07MKV

    FS:18" Audi 9 spoke

    Like title says i have audi wheels came off an s6 or a6 Oem silver finish 18x8 all around et43 235/40s all around Mine curb rash on all wheels, looking for quick sale. First 700obo takes them. Will ship at buyers expense pic for reference, actual pics will be up tomorrow and when i had my...
  13. 07MKV

    FS: Alphards

  14. 07MKV

    BNIB In Pro Smoked Turn Signals

  15. 07MKV

    11 wrx vs stage 2+

    I might be wrong but if a wrx weighs 3208 and a gti weighs 3034... doesnt the wrx weigh 174 more lol:iono:
  16. 07MKV

    Nankang S-2's Stretch?

    Does anyone have any experience with these tires, I wanted to know if they are good for stretching. I go through tires pretty fast, and I saw a good deal for a set of these tires. If anyone has any input that would be great:thumbsup:
  17. 07MKV

    *07mkv|BUILD THREAD*

    So I'm really bored at work, and i have seen soo many good build threads on this forum, so I thought I'd contribute. I got my 2007 Rabbit in May of 2009, I think it has come a loooong way since I got it haha. Thanks to my friend Mike for all his help, he helped me soo much with this build! Hope...
  18. 07MKV

    Horrible night...

    yeah man, let us know if you need anything. Mike and I could definitely give up a hand, you don't live too far from us! Sorry bro
  19. 07MKV

    Pictures at the new home..

    Just moved in to an apartment with my brother, thought I'd take a couple of pics. Nothing special. another of boser by digifresh aka kauz
  20. 07MKV

    Achermanns' Build

    car is definitely coming together man. Looks good. Color match that shit :]