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  1. rxferrara

    FS: 17" OZ Futuras

  2. rxferrara

    FS: Autopilot V2 Air Ride Kit

    I am selling my air ride due to having a new car and wanting to go a different route. I have The Autopilot V2 management, comes with most recent updated one since ive had it replaced a few months back. Comes with Airlift XL front struts. I Have a pair of bearing kits that should be installed...
  3. rxferrara

    FS: MKV PART OUT R32 bumper, exhaust, misc.

    What's up guys, I'm looking to part out my 07 RS GTI. I've got a couple things I would like to get rid of before I get something new. Looking for some local people to pick this stuff up so I don't have to ship. The bumper is the main thing I'm looking to get rid of. Email me for pictures, prices...
  4. rxferrara

    Feeler FS/FT: 17" OZ Futura's

    I have a set of 17x8.5/9.5 et 38 OZ Futuras. They come with 205/40 205/45 tires. Green centers, gloss black bolts and polished lips done by Espo's Powdercoating over in Staten Island. They have about 9 months driving on them. Tires are practically new with a little bit of wear. The bad part is...
  5. rxferrara

    Slammed MKV Thread (#2)

    Props for the shot by M703?
  6. rxferrara

    Wtb: r32 grille

    I need a r32 grille. Doesn't matter if my is homeless or has holes. Cash in hand.
  7. rxferrara

    Wtb: 10mm spacers or 12mm spacers with bolts.

    As the title states im Wtb: 10mm spacers or 12mm spacers with bolts. Prefer to pick up locally. Pm me.
  8. rxferrara

    Wtb 205/40/17 tires

    As title states I need two 205/40/17 Tires ASAP. 2016006882
  9. rxferrara

    Official Winter Set-Up Thread

    Right before we get some flurries in jersey.
  10. rxferrara

    WTB: oz futura "3 lips

    As title states, im looking for a pair of OZ Futura "3 lips. for "17
  11. rxferrara

    long time viewer, first time posting

    I've been on the forums for a while now but haven't posted any of my progress on my car. This is where it has been at since the beginning of summer, just haven't had time to post some pictures. So here it is!
  12. rxferrara

    wheel/tire selection help

    looking to get a set of 5x112 18x8 18x9 et 35 have nitto neogens 205/40 and 215/40 (work vs-xx). will this set up work i am on bags, how much rear camber would i need? or any other type of input is welcome!
  13. rxferrara

    wheel help

    i am looking for a set of amg aero II's which is being hard to find, i found some on wondering if this is a ligit site. here is the link: thanks rob-
  14. rxferrara

    WTB: amg aero II

    LOOKING TO buy some 18inch aero II's perferbly with tires but will buy without. Located in north jersey and willing to travel a little bit. Contact me if anyone is selling!
  15. rxferrara

    FS: fk silverlines

  16. rxferrara

    tire size?

    i plan on getting Avant Garde M310 18" 5x112 18x8front and 18x9rear. im lowered on fk silverlines at around 24ftg all around and could go lower if id lile to in the future. what tire size should i get?
  17. rxferrara

    FEELER: FK Silverlines

    posiblly selling my fk silver lines in the near future, about a year and 4 months on them everythings ok besides one rear shock doesnt come out. looking on getting it replaces soon. looking to get about 500 for them. email me for details, dont check pm. as much.
  18. rxferrara

    frame notch needed?

    i just installed my coilovers in my 07 gti. there fk silverlines with 0 threads left in front and back. perches still in and helpers are still in as well. i believe i am sitting a little under 24 inches front top fender to the ground. oh, and i have stock classixs. when turning both ways...