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  1. tehwhiteegg

    Posting friends WTS Clutch / Pressure Plate

    Hey guys, posting this up for a friend. Thanks Clutch disk and pressure plate just pulled today from my 2012 Golf R. Disk has tons of thickness left and all is in great shape. Car has 24400 miles on it so this does as well. Clutch was replaced with an HS Tuning RSR kit. Not sure what this...
  2. tehwhiteegg

    Wts - Staggered 3sdm 0.06's ( 3 )

    SOLD Hey guys, I was recently involved in an accident and lost my vehicle but I managed to save three wheels off of it. I'd like to sell them to put money towards my air setup on my new vehicle. I have 1 Front 3sdm 0.06 18x8.5 5x112 ET42 with 95% tread Ventus V12 Evo 215 40 r18. I have 2...
  3. tehwhiteegg

    FS: K03 Turbo

    Recently upgraded to a k04 and am looking to get rid of this as well. It has 100k on it, and I didn't have any problems with when it was installed. I'm also gonna include new studs for the dp mating flange because these are pretty much shot. You'll need your stock dv, crankcase breather, and...
  4. tehwhiteegg

    FS: oem MKV GTI Grille

    Hey guys, I'm trying to clear up some room in my garage and have no use for my stock mkv Grille; moreover, its collecting dust. I've seen guys selling oem's in the range of $75-$100 and I'd like to get $50 plus shipping for this. Thanks
  5. tehwhiteegg

    WTB: S3 Injectors

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a set of s3 injectors for my unitronic k04 kit. I already have everything pieced together except for the injectors. I'm trying to find a decent price and if anyone has a used set or knows where to find a good price online that'd be great. Thanks
  6. tehwhiteegg

    Wilmington Meets

    Hey guys, New to the area from Chicago and have seen a ton of modded vw's let alone mkv's. are there any weekly meets in Wilmington or near the Wilmington area? Please fill me in. Thanks Clay
  7. tehwhiteegg

    WTB-APR HPFP or APR Rebuild

    Hey Guys, I'm going ko4 sometime in the near future and the only part I still need is an APR pump or an APR rebuild. I'm looking to spend around $400-450 on a rebuild and up to $520 on a used APR pump shipped. I'm located back and forth between Chicago & Southern Illinois. Feel free to pm...
  8. tehwhiteegg

    WTB Koni Yellows! :)

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a set of h&r supersports and am looking for a set of Koni Yellows for sale so I can mount these guys up. I'd go stock shocks but a buddy gave me a change of heart so this is what I'm now planning instead of having to do another swap in. Year or earlier. Thanks for...
  9. tehwhiteegg

    Quick wash

    Was kinda bored tonight so I did a little quick wash on GTI. Also. I know these are only links but I'm still kindof a newb and dont yet knoq how to post actual pics that ppl can view from the post rather than click on a link. If anyone knows please dont hesitate to fill me in. Thanks guys.
  10. tehwhiteegg

    Unitronic Sale?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew if Unitronic has any Spring/Summer "for sure" sales on their ecu upgrades? If anyone does know please fill me in :)
  11. tehwhiteegg


    I'm located in Illinois (Chicago, Southern Ill.) and wtb an upgraded HPFP and keep missing em'. Looking to spend 550-600 shipped
  12. tehwhiteegg

    Huffs anyone?

    I'm looking to get rid of or trade a set of Huffs that are in great condition. non bent nor is there any curbage or scratches. Pics if interested.