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  1. Tadddd

    FS: H&R Premium Premium Performance Coilovers

    SOLD Let me know if you'd like more pictures, etc!
  2. Tadddd

    Goin to the track

    Headed to Thunderhill next weekend. Excited to put my 17's back on and use whats left of my star specs. First timer, but i'm just nervous of how I will perform. Goin with a shop sponsored group that rented the track for the day, so no instructors? I've been watching itsmkv's video a lot lol...
  3. Tadddd

    Bay Area School Shout Out

    Bored of not finding very many new threads on golfmkv in between classes now. So let's start a little school shout out thing... CSM, and not necessarily proud of it. At least smoking isn't allowed on campus anymore. hbu?
  4. Tadddd

    Exhaust manifold b/t FSI and TSI.

    Looking at turbo set-ups for the future. APR K04 is my first choice Obviously both FSI and TSI integrate the turbine housing with the exhaust manifold. Are there any companies making exhaust manifolds for other turbo applications? It appears that ATP has manifolds for a T3 housing and T25 for...
  5. Tadddd

    Different Shipping Address? GroundControl?

    Just found that 034 Motorsport sells the GroundControl camber plates if you are not able to get them directly from GC because your Billing Address is different from your Shipping Address. Just a FYI.
  6. Tadddd

    War: 3" dp to 2.5" cb vs. 3" tbe

    Before I started looking at tbe exhaust options for my car, I would have thought 3" tbe is the only way to go on a turbocharged car. but: Awe claims 2.5" tbe is mo betta. I wouldn't do that. But now i see that Billy Boat also says that 3" dp and midpipe to 2.5" catback is best. They even go as...
  7. Tadddd

    Found my suspension clunk

    The collar that the tie rod end is attached to is able to rotate... how the..?
  8. Tadddd

    Tactrix 1.3

    Is it possible to use a tactrix 1.3 cable instead of a ross-tech or any other vag-com cable?
  9. Tadddd

    Vredestein in Bay Area?

    Anyone know where I could find Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tires in the Bay, possibly for under $200 a piece? 235/35/19 or 225/35/19
  10. Tadddd

    11 wrx vs stage 2+

    I feel that Subarus and Evos are the way to go if you want fast performance. But, we have something to our advantage over Subaru any day. Gas Mileage!
  11. Tadddd

    11 wrx vs stage 2+

    I almost bought a '11 WRX. it's gotta be at least 200awhp out of the box. Subaru's stock tunes are terrible though so you should have him no problem at effing all when he's stock. But as soon as he starts putting money into it i think you'll have to work hard. If you want comparisons you need...
  12. Tadddd

    P2015 and misfire codes

    Just did an oil change myself the other day. The next day my CEL came on. Checked the codes today and: P2015 (camshaft timing retarded) as well as P0300 P0301,2,3,4 (random multiple misfires/misfire on cylinders 1, 2, 3 and 4) After clearing the codes, P2015 remained. While waiting for the...
  13. Tadddd

    Settled on the H&R Premiums

    Just ordered the H&R Premium Coilovers from AWE and an install kit from DBC. I'll keep you all posted on the install and my two cents.
  14. Tadddd

    Stock GTI TSI vs. Eclipse 6-banger

    Newer model eclipse with intake, headers, exhaust. Automatic. My 2009 GTI w/ 6-speed. Got my ass whooped from a 50mph roll. I was in 3rd. Need... stage... 2.
  15. Tadddd

    Rota Bronze colors

    Any suggestions on rims to look at in these similar colors? I most prefer something close to that Full Royal Sports Bronze. Bronze: Matte Bronze...
  16. Tadddd

    New to GTI, Bay Area

    Hey all, Just purchased a 2009 GTI 2-door in UG today. Pretty much completely new to anything VW. I was looking to purchase a BMW or Subaru, but here I am. First off, what are some things I should keep an eye out for? Anything in particular? And second, are there any more Bay-Area specific...